Return transfer issue


Hi there!

Three months ago (September 1, 2016), I issued a transfer of funds in the amount of $1,000 from my bank account to my account in Revolut system. According to your instructions I wrote the unique reference number from mobile application in the description of payment, wrote all the necessary data, and issued a payment order. During the week I have not received any notice from Revolut. After an appeal to support, I was informed that such transfers Revolut does not support and was made a return transfer on my bank account. Firstly I have no one advised that such transfer do you not support, secondly, no one notified me about a transfer for return funds, and thirdly, no one told me about the commission that was charged for the return transfer. Okay, I’m a loyal customer.

Then, within two weeks after that, funds didn’t return to my bank account. The bank reported that was no one return transfer by any reference number. I turned again to support team of Revolut. In support told to wait. In further correspondence I get a few of the documents confirming that the return transfer was apply, but the funds are not received to the my bank account. Support wrote about a request to the your bank for tracking funds. Three months passed and no one can tell me where my money is.

This is unheard of! The third month I can not get my money back on your fault! Not my fault that you are not blocking such transfers in the Revolut mobile application. Not my fault that you can not keep track of the payment. I’m sorry, but it is your problem, not mine. Please, return the money!


Sorry to hear about your issue, I hope it is resolved soon.

I am currently fighting a similar battle with Revolut in that they have not credited a returned SWIFT payment to me that was returned in early October. Same as you I received no notification that the payment had been returned, I was advised by the recipient, and have now been advised, after lengthy contact over a period of weeks with the Support team, that I must contact the beneficiary bank directly, with whom I have no contract or contact.

I am about to draft a letter to the Revolut directors and Paysafe and escalate the complaint to the Financial Conduct Authority. Failing that I intend to lodge a claim in the small claims court to recover my money. You may need to seek legal advice to see if this is the route you should take to recover your money.

Revolut have taken my money and are refusing to return it either because they are powerless to do so or simply can’t be bothered. Prior to this incident I had no major problems using the app or card.

I intend to stop using the app and card once the funds have been returned to me and will be posting a review of my experience on review sites. I have screenshots and copies of all correspondence with Revolut should they dispute any of the facts of my case.

Good luck in retrieval of your funds. :+1:


It’s awful. Do you have any top-managers contact in Revolut ?


I have requested manager or team leader details but am yet to hear back.

Companies house provides information of the current officers: