Rethink customer support. And add ticket system


Hi. I been using Revolut since 3 months now and I very happy with it but one thing still has to be improved in my opinion. This is customer support.
Having a bad customer support drives people to not trust 100% in the service. For example I using it just for small transactions in my daily basis but not for bigger things. If I have to go to a trip I don’t even imagine to go just with Revolut cards, I have to go with a backup plan with my other banks cards. This banks are old and not too nice to use but they work as they should a 95% of the time in my experience.
I recommended my flatmate to have a Revolut account but I warned him that has to be used as some kind of beta. My flatmate now can’t use his Revolut account because his card for top up worked the first 8 times and them stop working. The customer support says a technical team is on it but can’t say when is going to be fixed.
The first time I transfered money thru revolut my account was blocked for a few days. Is difficult to trust again in the app when you think next time you have a problem maybe has no fix within days.
So I have some suggestions.

  • Add some kind of ticket system so you can track the problem on different states. And have an estimate time the issue is going to be fixed. This can reduce anxiety to the people that can’t use their accounts, and you show you are doing something. This can reduce people asking the same thing on the chat: when is going to solve my problem?

  • Add telephone support for the high priority problems like a blocked account. And maybe include voice calls inside the chat itself.

  • Add more languages

  • Equal priority support for premium and basic users. Is a very bad idea to have as a feature something like priority support. It’s like basic users are second class. So you are admitting basic support is worse. A feature could be full telephone support.

  • Try to assign the same agent if is available. When I get a notification from customer support, and I don’t reply in a short time, the system assign me a new agent so I have to explain again everything. Take into account the customer service not answer instantly so is a good chance that when you reply we a doing something else.



I do agree 110 %


Principally I agree with these suggestions. However, looking that non-premium is pretty much a free service it’s hard to see the economics here. If you want to make Revolut your primary account, going Premium makes a lot of sense.