[resolved] Transaction completed but payment not received


I have reserved a hotel room on the 19th of April and paid with my Revolut card. The transaction is completed since yesterday, however the hotel say they didn’t receive the money. They contacted the company which is responsible for the transaction, which replied: “we have crosschecked and found that the transaction is unsuccessful and is auto reversed from the banks end to the guest card.”.

The money isn’t in my account, and the transaction is completed, so I’m not expecting to receive it back, however the hotel hasn’t it either. Has it ever happened to anyone using the card? Thanks in advance.

Actually merchants are able to revert the money even I if than is"completed"…
Have you told to the support about it? I mean in-app chat.

I have the same problem, money went through 2 weeks ago and it’s still not in my account. Had now 3 different live agents and the last one transferred me to a different team. Waiting a day so far and no contact. This is rediculous!

According to their answer: “transaction is unsuccessful and is auto reversed from the banks end to the guest card.”, the transaction shouldn’t be marked as “completed” but as “reverted” instead. Given the situation, I assume they can’t cancel it. I have also sent a message to the support team.
Thank you very much!

So the transaction is already labeled “reverted” in your app but the balance does not reflect that?

The transaction is still labelled as complete in my euro account, whereas the refund was made in a different currency (rupees) which I haven’t noticed before, since the information in the original transaction was not updated. Thank you very much for the help.

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I see. Glad you found the money and thanks for the update here.