[Resolved] Top up my card with 3D secure



I face an issue when I want to top up my Revolut card.
My Credit card is Mastercard 3D secure.

Can you help me out ?

Thank you.


Can you describe what issue you’re facing? (With screenshots- the best)


Please find attached my screenshots chronologically ordered from 1 to 5






AFAIAA Revolut will not work with 3D secure cards


Where is it saying no 3D secure in the contract ?


You’re wrong. I use 3d secured card to topup


I’m not saying it does - only that I believe Rev is not compatible with 3D secure. If you want a definitive answer contact help through the app.


3d secure is not available for revolut issued card. I used to top up with 3d secure as well.


Do you use iOS or Android?

If Android, please change default web browser


Apologies for the confusion - it may just be that Revolut is not compatible with secure 3D PAYMENTS - not top ups - sorry to mislead


I don’t speak French but it looks like technical issue. So maybe just wait a while and try again…


I use IOS 11.4 (beta version)
Not sure that impacts


I don’t know how it works on iOS but on Android changing default web browser could help.

I’ve you read this post of mine:


In IOS, it’s in App, not in browser


Resolved with help of support.
Delete the credit card and add it again.


Good to know. Enjoy using it! :grinning: