[Resolved] money (not) stolen from my account


Last night I got a notification from the revolut app for amazon prime, I think it originated in Luxembourg. Luckily it is only E8.81.

I only have a virtual card and I’ve used it on the Microsoft store and for a crashplan subscription. I did not leak my card number, my phone is secure (I work in IT and security).

I immediately disabled the card but there is still money on it. I tried to contact Revolut but the site appeared down and chat support said it would take 6 hours or more.

Please get me my money back.

And by the way, how the F**K did they get my card number and CVV?


Well, Amazon doesn’t use CVV, so they only needed to get the card number.

The other thing is, that all European Amazon payments will originate in Luxembourg (at least they always have for me, both when ordering via amazon.co.uk and amazon.de) as that’s were “Amazon EU S.a.r.L” is located.

(Not that either of these really matters too much, though.)

You will need to persevere with the “chat” (might take a few days), then fill in the correct form for a chargeback, and eventually (after a few weeks) you should get your money back .


Thing is, I’m leaving in a few hours for the airport.

I’ve contacted Amazon too, maybe my Amazon account got hacked/compromised. Would be a first but I guess it’s not impossible.


Well, in that case I can tell you what happens: About an hour or two after the originally forecast time support will reply. If you don’t respond within a relatively short time period (e.g. because you are on a plane) the “chat” is archived and you have to start again.

You may have better chances contacting them on twitter.


Im chatting with Amazon now, aparently amazon accounts are not shared across domains, so .com account can have prime, but co.uk not. But your login is shared. The UK site had prime enabled, but I never ordered it.


Yes, that’s correct.

Maybe you enabled Prime accidentally when you placed an order for any item on the .co.uk site? they do pretty hard cross sells for it, and I always have to check twice to find the “No, I really don’t want Prime” link. Very annoying if you ask me …

In that case you won’t have a chance with a chargeback.

It happened to me once that I accidentally ordered Prime. Wasn’t a problem to get the refund though, especially if you cancel it before the affected order is dispatched, so that’s what I’d try.


Oke, I owe an apology to Revolut. The other day I read the stories about people loosing money from their accounts so when this Prime got deducted last night, I freaked out.

Amazon UK acknowledged prime got activated the last time I browsed their site and since I never ordered anything, or have ever used Prime, she confirmed it must have been an accidental activation.

I received a full refund from Amazon.

Sorry for the alarm!


Hi @injo

No need to apologise :slight_smile:

We’re glad to hear you have received a full refund from Amazon.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K