( resolved )Is revolut stealing my money ?


I want to say what is happening is unacceptable, I opened a Revolut account the 26th May and topped the account with a physical VISA card that never caused me any issue for all my internet transactions ever.
Then I created a Revolut virtual card with an online checking of my ID and my account was blocked.
So I had to wait until the transaction appears on my account to see the number used to verify accounts.
When I tried to verify my account with that number and a photo of my physical card the account didn’t unlock leaving me with only the chat support on the android app.
Chat support that I tried to contact every day since day one, several times a day. They answered day 2 saying there is some demand on support and that they will investigate SHORTLY and come back to me SHORTLY.
This was a week ago and since then nothing, not even a word on chat support…


Don’t use it. Try N26 it looks like a better option as time goes by. If it’s available in your area.


Before using another service I’d like to recover my money, there should even be a compensation for blocking funds like this.


Substantial amount? Keep trying then. I would suggest direct messaging on twitter and bombard with messages like there is no tomorrow. That’s what i did. Only took a week to fix it. :confused:


Good idea I’ll contact them on twitter :rage:


The support from twitter was good and my account was unlocked right away.