[Resolved]Difficulties to add Revolut card in Apple watch

Hello all,

I dont know if it is because of Black Friday so the global engine is overheating, but it is impossible for me to add my Revolut card (already added in my iphone wallet and working perfectly) to my new apple watch.
It says I am supposed to receive a code by SMS, first I received nothing during long time, so I contact support. They manage to give me a code, I receive the same code by SMS, I try it, it fails. In Revolut I see a payment authorization for Mastercard (0$).
At some point, the application blocks me. I remove the card.
So I randomly try to add the card again, I receive a SMS like 10 minutes later, I enter the code. And it still fails. I tried 5-6 times, it is pretty annoying.
Did I miss something? Anyone of you got the same issue?


Update: the issue resolved by itself, at some point the SMS came on time and I could add the card normally.


It’s a bit shame it cant be used on Google pay…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::rofl:

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I’m glad the problem has been resolved.:v: