Resintalled app account disappeared



Had to delete and reinstall the app on my phone. The app asks for my phone number to access my account but takes me through a whole new signup process as if it does not recognize me as an existing user. The app does not provide an email sign in. Nor does it seem to ask for ‘existing users’ signing. This is so weird! I have no idea how to get back to my old account. I never used any other phone number to signup. This is the one and only phone number I have ever used and am absolutely certain is the number I used for my initial account. It has an email associated with it but I’m unable to reset anything through my email address. I’m locked out of my old account please help!



Try to contact @AndreasK or via the in app chat to talk to a live agent.


@Gekko How do I contact @AndreasK ?


he will see a notification and come back to you today I guess.


@JessicaZ maybe you could please help? I’m really stuck here and need to use the card ASAP


Hey there. This is not a bug. You have created two accounts :slight_smile: Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help you get access to your first account?