Residing in Canada, but home country is UK. Covered?


Hey all,

I’m on a 2 year visa in Canada, The insurance policy looks good with Revolut so I have a few questions.

I’m already here, I am a UK Permanent Resident, I am in BC for 2 years, I have a UK bank account and a CA bank account.

I would like to get a revolut card for its obvious travel benefits, but also because I go skiing at random times. I don’t want to re-insure with a major provider every single time I decide to go. Its very expensive.


1: Can I apply for a Revolut card from here? I can have it sent out by family.
2: Would I be covered each day I left my house, traveled a few hours and went skiing, assuming I activated the cover for that day? The “trip” in essence is just a single day, but because I live in CA, does that mean the trip has already started, and infact I will not be covered?
3: Does it even cover ski? :joy:

Thank you for your time! I hope I can get a Revolut card!

Simon. x

  1. Maybe. As long as you still own the residency in UK
    2 no
    3 no
    Is a travel insurance NOT a local medical one. Is limited to 41 days per trip (that means, since you left the home country) as well as 183 days per year (or something) and does not cover countries or territories where you have a residency so you don’t travel for pleasure.


Just found out it does cover ski, You have to pay extra premium. so 1 and 3 are answered. Seems that point 2 might be stopping me from getting it though.


Well… is a travel insurance for leisure trips.
As long as you stay longer somewhere won’t cover you.

For me it’s useless to. I backpack In Asia for months. Looking to get another one with all year coverage (saw for 160€). Even one like this won’t cover you because you’re temporary resident in Canada (unless you go to ski in USA or Iceland)