Resident in France & using Revolut

Hi, I live in France. I’m interested to know if I can open a Revolut account using my UK First Direct account as my top up account. It’s registered to my French home address. Will this work? I’m aiming to top up in pounds but spend locally in euros. All insights welcome please

If you apply for :r: from France with a French address I presume you need to register your French bank account as the primary source top up in Euros.

But you should get a UK account with :r: so then top this up with pounds from First Direct via faster payments (UK to UK), convert to Euros in :r: and these will appear in your main :r: Euro account.

Note: if you want to send pounds the other way to First Direct you can convert to pounds in :r: using the UK IBAN to transfer to First Direct. You may have to do this with the aid of your French Bank as mine had to authorise the IBAN to appear on my list of “virements” as it is a non-French IBAN.

There is no such thing. You can top up from wherever you want.

Yes you can but :r: must be able to verify the primary source of funds to observe money laundering regulations against your application. Is that always an account from the applicants country of residence?

If required you do need to provide proof as to where the funds originated, but this is not related to a country. You can easily reside in one country and top-up from another, you only need to be able to provide aforementioned proof if requested, but that is not any different from what you may have to provide if you top-up from your country of registered residence.

Very helpful - thank you. So the OP can use First Direct and convert to Euros in :r: .

I wouldnt consider it to be a problem at all, he only needs to be ready to provide proof for the origins of the funds, should that be requested. But apart from that he simply wires the money from his UK account to his local GBP account and once the funds are with Revolut he can use them in the usual way.