Residency clarification states

We are currently only supporting legal residents in the European Economic Area

What is Revolut’s definition of “legal resident”? Does one actually need to be a resident of a country in the EEA, meaning fully and legally registered with the authorities where applicable, or is the mere possibility of legal residence sufficient?

In other words, can people holding an EEA passport, who however are residing outside the EEA and are not registered within the EEA, still hold a Revolut account?

@anon33247966 of course :smiley:

Passport != (Legally) resident.

Non-EEA passport holder → Possible to be legally resident (if you have a visa/student status).

Under the rules, no.

If you are physically reside outside EU/EEA (e.g. Holidays) but legally resident, you will be ‘legally resident’, whereas if you physically reside outside the EU/EEA and not legally resident, you will not be legally resident.

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‘Legal residence’ not a :r: concept but a legal/tax/regulatory one.

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Thats what I assumed, though there were some conflicting statements in some threads and I am curious what the official policy is.

Question was strictly in regard to people with EEA citizenship.

Thats why residing outside :).

Thanks for the clarification.

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Hello guys, short question. I am a resident of Romania (EEA country) holding a residence permit issued by the Romanian authorities. Can I get registered with Revolut based on this residence permit? The mobile app lists the “residence permit card” as an acceptable ID, however the identification failed twice. Thank you.

So you are not a Romanian citizen but legally live in Romania? That should be fine enough to open an account and the Romanian permit should be accepted.

Hi All. Sorry for hijacking an old thread. Can a German citizen living in Ireland get a card using their German passport/driving licence and Irish address and phone number? Or can they apply for a German card using their family home address in Germany and transfer funds from their Irish bank account?

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Technically both could work but the way Revolut wants you to do things is by signing up using your German identity with your Irish address and phone number.

Very interesting thread. I would start a new one but i am a new user and i’m not yet allowed.

However i find this particular one rather interesting as i am a Romanian citizen but have moved to the UK about 10 years ago.
I do have some links to Romania still and i pay some tax on income there from various sources so technically speaking i am a tax residend in Romania still.

It goes without saying that i am also a tax resident in the UK since i live and work here.
Recently i have made some profit in Cryptocurrency (through the app) and would like to cash out.
However, in the UK the tax on capital gains can get up to 45% while tn Romania Crytocurrency have a flat 10% tax rate.

For obvious reasons i would rather cash out in Romania.
I guess my question is if something like that would be a problem for UK authorities?
Since i am technically a tax resident in both countries would it matter where i pay tax on that income?

Thank you in advance

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Sorry for hijacking thread…I live in Northern Ireland (border area) and have set up and use a Revolut account with my UK bank, address, phone number etc. I also have a RoI bank account and want to set up a Revolut card with my Irish bank account. Is this possible? Or is it possible to get money sent to my UK revolut account from friends in RoI using their Irish Revolut account?

Hi there.

Can you maybe specify what you’re trying to achieve?

Usually, one registers the Revolut account with your residency address. You’re then provided with account details for both GBP and EUR accounts within Revolut. Does that already answer your question?

I also live in Romania but do not understand one thing: do I have to register a tax residence if I use Revolut only for personal transactions? I have a basic/individual account not a business account on Revolut. Looking forward to your reply and advice please!

Much will depend on the requirements in Romania of which I have no information just to say that in France, as a resident, I have to declare all foreign bank accounts. My :r: account is based in Lithuania (therefore outside of France) so has to be declared the the French impôt each year. Is that the same for you in Romania perhaps?