Hi, is Revolut available for non EU/EEA residents if they have an EU address?

If you have visa (or other permission)- it is possible.

thanks for your prompt reply - what do you need by visa, do you mean a travel visa? I do not need a visa to travel to the UK as I am British, my question is: can I get revolut if I am not a tax resident in the EU/EEA? and if so how? I am resident in Singapore and an EU (UK) citizen

At the moment we offer services to legal EEA residents. To verify your identity you will need to take a picture of a valid government-issued photo ID and a picture of your face. We may request a copy of your legal right to remain in one of our supported countries (e.g. visa, residence permit).

In that case you would not be eligible for an account. You are a citizen of the EEA but not a resident (at the moment) and the latter is required to open an account.

Born EU citizens do not lose permanent residency status when moving abroad. Like Jessica said, if a valid ID document is available, one should be able to open an account.

You are referring to the ability to settle down and that is a difference to actually having an address. Revolut requires the latter and the OP cant provide this for now.

I believe it’s a little bit more difficult. I suggest that @jmh1 discusses this via DM with Revolut staff directly to see if he could open an account under his current circumstances.

Can you elaborate? I am not sure what should be difficult. The OP is a British national but not resident as he lives in Singapore. Revolut requires residency in the EEA. Citizenship != Residency

It really is not that simple. Residency status does not change necessarily the moment one leaves a county. We don not have all personal details available to come to a definitive conclusion here. That’s why I suggest that he should discuss this in detail with someone from Revolut.

It usually does. There are some countries where one has a permanent address or possibly no registered address at all, but generally speaking the moment you leave the country - and you play by the rules - your residency in that country goes out the window.

Of course the OP could discuss that with Revolut and maybe they make some exception but that would be in violation to their own rules. Well, he wouldnt be the first one who gets/keeps a Revolut account without actually being eligible :wink:

Except in the UK in all European countries I’ve lived (ES,IT,DE) you are only resident after registering yourself on the town’s records office and you must tell them when you leave or move. Without being resident, even if you are national, you can’t do almost anything.

It is possible to be resident for tax purposes in more than one country at the same time. This is known as dual residence. If you are resident in the UK and another country, you have to look at the double taxation agreement between the two countries to find out where you should pay tax.

The HMRC Helpsheet 302 provides further information on dual residency. It’s not as clear cut as you might think. It can get complicated.

Can someone help me register with my residence permit (issued by Romania)? I am a resident of Romania with valid residence/work permit. The identification process failed twice in my case. Is there something you can do to help me?

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Is there any difference between legal and tax residency? Can I still be considered a legal resident of my passport country if I live and have my tax residency in another country?

Yes there is a difference.
My passport country is UK but my tax residency is France. I am no longer a legal (or fiscal) resident of UK.
In the app you can advise your residency country’s tax reference number (TRN) for clarity since :r: are required to comply with disclosure legislation.

So you can no longer use Revolut as a UK customer?

That’s correct… the a/c is based in Lithuania