Reset passcode problem


Haven’t used Revolut app/card for approx. 4 months (on Android 6/Galaxy S6). Attempting to open app, but it tells me “invalid passcode”.

Using “Forgot” function, display starts pulsing, can’t enter anything, and phone hangs for several minutes - can’t close or minimise the app. Pushing on/off can causes display black-out.

Eventually able to close the app but can’t access Revolut at all.

App has updated several times in the last few days.

Feels like an app problem rather a user problem…

Would like to check balance. Suggestions please.



And to answer my own question… I did what I should have done at the beginning - uninstall/re-install worked - app now works as expected.



Hi @paulf,

Thank you for contacting us.

Probably the issue was the version of the app, so after deleting and reinstalling the app, you downloaded the new version of the app, and the issues solved.

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Hi Andreas, I’m cannot reset my passcode, could you please help me to solve the problem?
Thank you

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Hello! I get "something went wrong’’ when trying to reset the password… what do I do??



Have followed all the steps for trying to reset passcode and lost acces phone number etc. However can still not acces my account and no way of contact, please help me to be able to acces again.



This is a user community no Revolut support here. You are addressing an anonymised/inactive account.


Ah I thought that was a revolut employee account… The question still remains how to recover an account with when it doesn’t recognise any phonenumber-passcode combination you have had in the past?

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It was indeed.

Did you check my linked topic?

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I think so, but there are many so maybe not the right one. If you wouldn’t mind sharing would be great!

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There is only one linked topic in my reply to you.

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Hello I also have a similar issue. My account was created in Canada and there is no more service in Canada, I need to close the account as it’s in a limbo where it does not quite fully exist and I cannot open an account in my new country until that one is closed. There is no way to contact support as I do not yet have a pin.

No way to contact support?! Are you sure…


i can’t connect a mom compete revolut with my number. i’m not the past word anymore.
please, can I send my metal card back?

I am using a Huawei p30 lite, android 10 and I am not able to sign up to Revolut.
After I downloaded the app, I followed the following steps:
1. Pressed the ‘Sign up’ button
2. Entered my phone number
3. Completed the six digits code received by sms
4. I was forwarded to ‘Enter passcode’ screen even though I did not set it up yet. I have tried to use the 4 digits pin of my phone but I am receiving the following error no matter what I am typing: ‘Passcode or phone number are incorrect’
Could you please give a suggestion?
Thank you, Andreea.

I get something similar, forgot my passcode so i click on “forgot…” link, immediately i get the message “Were sorry something went wrong” Im unable to contact support in any way, can someone assist please

I forgot my passcode so I click on the “forgot…” link, immediately I get the message “We’re sorry something went wrong” I’m unable to contact support in any way, can someone assist, please. tried uninstall the app already

I forgot my passcode so I click on the “forgot…” link, immediately I get the message “We’re sorry something went wrong” I’m unable to contact support in any way, can someone assist, please. Tried uninstalling the app already

Are you?

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omg i have the same problem! I moved to another country but was using the same sim but they just denied my access even though I put in all the right passcode and number. After pressing lost access to the sim, they said they are checking and to come back after a while but nothing happened when i checked the app.
I made this account and came on here because its ridiculous that there isnt any ways to contact the customer service unless u have access to the app.
I even called the hotline but it has no outgoing app and the computer just redirects it to the app. Im beyond frustrated and actually so disappointed at the lack of help. Can anyone please help me because i was stupid enough to put all my money in this bank and now i havent been able to access it for so many months.

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