Reset passcode problem



Haven’t used Revolut app/card for approx. 4 months (on Android 6/Galaxy S6). Attempting to open app, but it tells me “invalid passcode”.

Using “Forgot” function, display starts pulsing, can’t enter anything, and phone hangs for several minutes - can’t close or minimise the app. Pushing on/off can causes display black-out.

Eventually able to close the app but can’t access Revolut at all.

App has updated several times in the last few days.

Feels like an app problem rather a user problem…

Would like to check balance. Suggestions please.



And to answer my own question… I did what I should have done at the beginning - uninstall/re-install worked - app now works as expected.



Hi @paulf,

Thank you for contacting us.

Probably the issue was the version of the app, so after deleting and reinstalling the app, you downloaded the new version of the app, and the issues solved.