"Reset Passcode" function does not work

I have the exact same issue and kindly ask for help as well. Thank you!


I’m experiecing the same problem regarding losing my pin code. When trying to generate a new one I receive the error “Cannot generate new code at the moment”. Thanks!


I’m also having problems logging it to my account. I tried the reset passcode and the identity verification, nothing works. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Can you please contact me ? Thank you!

Hi @AndreasK,
I have problems with my app: it says my passcode is invalid, I tried to go through the identification with my ID but I didn’t get any reply from 3 days, can’t use the chat service because my app doesn’t work. I tried to remove and install it again but it keeps not working.

I really hope you can help me, thanks!

Sorry, can you help me with the reset of passcode?

Im locked out and cant reset password.
iOS 14.2 7.26
When I clixk on the link in the email, the Revolut ap launches and crashes at once.

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I’m having the same problem - I cannot reset my passcode and cannot access the app. I cannot reach the in-app support team.

Could you please help me?

Thanks !!

Hi…I cannot access to my older email where I got the revolut account, how I can change for my new email. .kind regards

It happened to me too. Having trouble activating my Revolut account. I forgot the passcode that I used and when I go via “Forgot?” “Reset Passcode” nothing happens. I tried multiple times.


Same problem here ,i forgot my pascode and nothing works.

Hi, exact same issue here. New iphone, passcode doesnt work, I have a different credit card now than I used to top up.

What to do?


i have the same problem.

since i have a new phone i can’t activating my revolut account.
i get an email with a new code, but there is no button back to the app and there is nothing we’re i can type in the confirmation code.

tried reinstalling the app but it does not help.

thank you for help.

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Hiya I recently upgraded my iPhone to the newest one and can no longer access the Revolut bank account as it won’t let me log in. The forgot password function doesn’t work either. Any chance that’s something you can help with?

Read through the forum and think it’s a similar issue to most people’s.

Thank you and all the best.

Hello, I have the same problem

I also have this problem and I cannot access my account - which I now wish to close because of this. When I try to login on a browser it says to check my email and click not he lick. When I do this it says I used the wrong device!

There appears to be no customer service line and no way to get help. I cannot even post a new topic here.

I want my money back and I want my account closed!

Hi everybody,
I’ve got the same issue.
I opened the app to make a payment.
It firts asked me to verify some people I’ve sent money,
then to change the password,
then to verify with my phone number,
then it says that it is not recognised,
and then that it cannot create a new verification code at that moment.

When I try to connect on the Revolut website with my phone number, and it is not recognised anymore.

Thank you for your solutions.