"Reset Passcode" function does not work

Hello @AndreasK I have a similar issue. I tried to recover my passcode but nothing happens, pls can you help me? I also tried reinstalling the app after I delete it

Hello, I’m having exactly the same issue - I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app and I still have the problem. I’m sure I know my passcode, but it doesn’t let me log in

Hello, I have the same issue. Reinstalled the app, but forgot my passcode, although I tried every single one that I may have used and still can’t log in to my account. It also says my phone number is incorrect even though I haven’t used any other phone. Could you help me solve this issue by contacting me on email?

Hi, same issue here. Got a new phone and installed the app. Then while trying to login, i have to enter the passcode. This functions seems to be bugged as no passcode works. Could someone from support maybe get in contact via email or registered phone number please? Urgently need to use the app :frowning: Thanks

I have the same issue. How can I resolve it?

Hello, I have a similar issue. I did not change number or phone. The app just stopped and I am not able to sign in. Sometimes is only black screen, sometimes it ask me for fingerprint or passcode. I tried delete it and reinstalling the app. I tried to recover my passcode but in confirming my new passcode the app just does not do anything.

Try contacting :r: on social media: