"Reset Passcode" function does not work


I am having the same issue as all of the above!

Changed iPhone over and now it’s not recognising my account! Have tried to upload my Id but can’t get that verified as the section to upload my passport page is very small!

I have also tried deleting the app and trying again that’s not working! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Tried to reset my passcode on a new phone and it keeps telling me it’s incorrect, despite having just changed it.

Hi considering i can only contact the helpdesk from in the app (which i cannot access as i cannot authenticate the emails that are being sent); how am i supposed to contact Revolut? I really dont find this acceptable there is not a solution outside of the app???

Can you help me please? Same problem here.

I have the same problem with the passcode after I reset my phone

Can somebody send me a message as I am having the same issue? I need to reorder a new card, and update my details. I enter my mobile number, then the passcode, but I just get forgot your passcode at the bottom. I am going round in circles.

please help!!! same problem here:)

Hi there, I am using Revolut for a while now and I wanted to change the passcode and this is where I ran into trouble. I have sent multiple account validations after this - however it seems that the process gets stuck when revolut is supposed to send an email - I never receive this email - what’s odd is that I receive all the newsletter mails - but nothing related to my account.

Hi I am having the same problem. The reset password function is not working. Is there anyway to get some help on this issue?

I have the same problem I had Revolut on my Iphone, I changed mobile Redmi note 8T, but I can’t login in my revolut app.
I tried all the options:
Unistall and reinstall
Give to Revolut App all the permission
update the operating system to the last version
I tried to click on forgot passcode, I’ve done all the procedure to re-insert the pass code but no way…
doesn’t work
pls I need your help

I have forgotten my 4 digit passcode and unable to login via browser and app. Can you please help me in logging in the app.


No. This is a user forum. Contact :r: via social media (facebook or twitter - revolutapp).

I’m having exactly the same issue - I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app and I still have the problem. the forgot - reset passcode function does nothing .can you please please contact me?

Same I’m having exactly the same problem. I’ve reinstalled the App but after entering the phone number to reset my password nothing happens.

Could you please help offline?


Same for me, after resetting my phone the App does not work any more. It will not accept the passcode or send me a new one. Please help me.

I disappointed to find out that the problem has not been solved and I couldn’t use revolut for the last week - given this outcome, I am considering not using this service in the future.

Hi, can you help me please? I tried to reset passcode and now the app is not working. What should I do?