"Reset Passcode" function does not work

I am having same issues reset password code function not working. Also get new phone. This is really bad when bills need to be paid. Very stressful. Please Revolut can you advise what this problem is and fix it.

Hi, having the same issue.
Password not working so went to reset.

After being brought back to the app after authenticating via the automated email I have the following error message:
“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later”.

The application has been restarted an updated to the newest version, ‘7.6.1’ for iOS.


I have the same problem…
Can you help me??

I have the same issue.What should i do?

I am having the same issue and there is no ability in app to raise a query cause I can’t get past the try later error message. I know my passcode is correct and I follow the link in your email. Sort this out please

I have the same problem. Have deleted app, reinstalled it and get to forgot passcode. Get authentication code then message saying something has gone wrong. Can’t get into any other part of app

Hey @AndreasK
I have the same problem. Can you help me?

Thanks and kind regards

I receive this message after I input the 6-digit code : We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later

Just restored my iPhone 6s from iCloud restore and now I can’t reset my passcode.

Hi, same problem here. Changed my phone, pin doesn’t work and neither resetting it.

Changed my phone to a new one and impossible to access the app
I receive message of mistake
Is it possible to talk with a french support

Hi i am having the same issue. My passcode is not working, and the forgot passcode function isnt working. I tried to reinstall but still the same issue.

Exact same issue.

Good day , having same issue here with iPhone SE2
Dont remember my password and while trying to reset it just keeps give messege that sonthibg is wrong and please try again later
Have tryed reinstaling app and restarting my phone but nothing helps

Realy need help asap


I haven’t had access to the application for a week now because I changed my phone number and address.

Unfortunately, I can’t contact you on TWITTER; you don’t accept messages and on Facebook, you send me back to TWITTER which is completely STUPID.

When I click on “lost access to your number” the application asks me for my old phone number and code, then the application says "Please restart the application and click on “Sign up to complete your Revolut profile” which is stupid since I don’t have access to my old phone number I won’t be able to receive a verification code!
I have been registered on revolut since the creation, I find it unacceptable that we can’t contact you at least by email, I have to register on the community forum and post my message everywhere because I can’t create a thread or send private messages either.

Hi , i have the same problem . Could you please help

Hi Andreas I am having the same problem - my passcode isn’t working and the rest authentication says there’san error … I’ve deleted the app& reinstalled vbut still same problem - please help !!!

Same problem, tried re-installing the app several times but once the sms pass code is entered it doesnt let you through to the next stage of the passcode setting process.
plse help

Hi AndreasK

Good morning, Like many other people here I have the same issue while logging in. I have forgot my passcode and when I try to go for an option of Forgot my passcode, it asks for a 6 digit code and after that it simply throws an error, something went wrong. I think it’s a bug in the App and I am sure you are aware of this one already. You have been advertising so much about your product and releasing new features which does look like a good progress, but you should also stabilise what you have got right? Like fixing bugs, helping your user queries and any other customer support.
I appreciate if you can contact me directly to resolve the issue.

I got same issue. I wanted to do money transfer so it asked about confirming it via email but i had no messages. I was talking to your support and they told me to reinstall app and here i am with not working account. I cant get verification messages from you at all.