"Reset Passcode" function does not work

Same problem. App version 7.4, doesn’t recognise the passcode, have been going round in circles trying to reset it for an hour and a half. Did the selfie thing to get a reset passcode link, did that, got the SMS validation, but then the app immediately failed to recognise the new passcode. Have been round this loop twice now. Support only seems to be available via the app, but I cannot actually get into the app, because it doesn’t recognise my passcode. So back to the start of the circle…

I am not receiving the email after I click forget activation code.
Tried several times and even reinstalled the app.

Hello, I am having the same problem after changing my iphone and I am locked out. Can you message me please? Thank you

Hi, please help me. Nothing is working. Right pin was wrong and changed pin is wrong. The app still direct me to new account and says there is no number like mine.

Hi, i did it 3 times and nothing is working, wrong pin, wrong number. Please help. I dont have access to app. I can log in. My number is not recognized. Cant write you directly its blocked.

Hi – can you please help. I changed by phone number and now my passcode wont work.

I have moved to a new Android phone and am trying to get access to my account. When trying to login I am asked for a selfie and then get a response that it is unmatched. Support asks for a selfie with ID and then sends me an email to authenticate. I enter a new passcode as instructed… And I am back to being asked for a selfie which is unmatched… a never ending loop… What can I do?

Hi I have the same problem as described by others. I was also advised by revolut team to try on my family device and now me and my husband have no acces tomour revolut account.

Anyone help cant log into app
Tried changing password but keeps saying something has gone wrong

Did you get this resolved as i have same issu

Hello, I have problems logging into my Revolut account in the app. I pressed reset Password and then the error msg “Something went wrong” and when typing the authentication code manually it says “the verfication code you entered is incorrect” I tried several times. I have already cleared the chache and reinstalled the app. Nothing works. Can anybody help me maybe @AndreasK ?

Many thanks B

Same issue. When I try to authenticate for the “forgot password” feature on my new Iphone, it says “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”.

Hello from Germany,

I am a metal-client and beta-tester. I found a bug and your colleague told
me to delete the app and install it again. I did it, but in this way I
lost all my dates and I was handled as a new client. Another colleague
repaired it, but now the system doesn’t accept my old security code.
So I asked to reset it and I got an email for the authentication. This
doesn’t work. If I press it like requested the browser opens and
nothing happens. Now I have no access to the app and my account at
all. I beg you instantly to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Another bug is in your app, that you cannot access a chat for help, if
you are blocked right in the beginning.

I have same issue - i keep getting “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. Both, with email authentication and with SMS code. Tried in 2 different phones.

I am also having same problem. I have recently changed phones and I now can’t access Revolut.
Please can someone help?

Hi, Could you please help me with this problem as well? I’ve tried to access my revolut account via “forget my passcode”, the first few times the passcode authentication link does not work, later I re-installed the app, it works. But instead of getting access, I need to go through id-verification. I submitted a selfie with myself holding residence permit, but got a result of failed identification. I just submitted again, is there a way you could help me find out the quickest way to access my account?

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. I change to a new Iphone, now the old pass code is not working and when I try to rest the password with SMS/phone number, I am getting “We are sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. Please help me.

Similar issue, got a new phone and the app asks for my password which I’m pretty sure is correct but I can’t get in also it’s sends to my email but I don’t get the email to reset and yes I have reinstalled the app and checked my junk and spam folders but nothing

I am having the same issue, forgot my password v/ passcode and can’t reset via email/phone it keeps saying wrong pass code entered, and all I needed is to click on the email link from my phone… this is ridiculous, why don’t you post the solution, why does everyone has to do a private messaging and god knows if this is truly an admin or not?

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I am having same issue, I tried reinstalling app.