"Reset Passcode" function does not work



Changed my iphone to a new one and having trouble activating my Revolut account. The passcode that I thought I used does not work and I go via “Forgot?” and enter my full phone number, “Reset Passcode” stops being greyed out and I can press it. But nothing happens.

Tried reinstalling the app but it does not help.

What else can I do?


Iphone 7 / iOS 10.1.1 / Revolut 3.2.2


Hi @AndreiM,

Can you please delete and reinstall the app now and let me know?


Andreas K.



Deleted and reinstalled, same issue



@AndreiM thank you for letting me know. I will send you a direct message so we can take a closer look into this.


Andreas K.


I have the same problem - just changed my phone to IPhone 7 and can’t even get into my profile despite the correct passcode I’m trying to submit. The reset passcode function doesn’t work either. As suggested above I have deleted the application and reinstalled it again, but problem was not resolved. I will appreciate your assistance


Hi @dpenkova

Please try again now and let me know.


Andreas K.


I’m having exactly the same problem. I’ve reinstalled the App but after entering the phone number to reset my password nothing happens.

Could you please help offline?



Sure! Let’s get in touch via direct message. I’ll message you.


I’m having exactly the same issue - I’ve just deleted and reinstalled the app 5 minutes ago, and I still have the problem. I’m sure I know my passcode, but it doesn’t let me log in, and the reset passcode function does nothing!

EDIT: @AndreasK got in touch and quickly solved the issue for me - it seems my account was registered with a different phone number, which I no longer have access to. A little UI error message would help though!


I will get in touch with your via a direct message se can take a closer look.


Hi please contact me directly.

Installed app, tried phone number got to pin screen not recognising pin, hit forgot entered number then saying number not registered.

Going round in a loop probably locked pin, re-installed the app same problem.

Android 7.0 Revolut 4.5

Got my card just want to top it up.

thanks in advance.



I have responded to your direct message.


I am having the same problem. I upgraded to a Iphone 6S and my correct passcode wouldn’t work. The reset passcode function doesn’t do anything. I have unistalled and reinstalled 3 times and still having the same problem.

I’m off to Malaysia in 2 weeks so I would be very grateful if you can help!!!




I think we can sort this for you :slight_smile: Let get in touch via a direct message @Jonnyp.

Check your inbox!


Thanks for resolving this Andreas. All good now


I have the same problem. What can I do?


Hello, I have the same problem. Please could you DM me



Hi there I’m having exactly the same issue.

I can’t remember my login details.

I’ve click forgot password.

I’ve entered my last top up amount.

I’ve typed in the 6 digit code.

I’ve gone to create a new passcode and it’s not letting me change it!

Please help, I have £10 in my account already which I need.


Could you please tell me if you’re using the latest version of the app?


Hi Andreas, I have the same issue. I am using an iphone and unable to reset my passcode