Reset live chat - card issue


I was in the middle of my chat with Volodymyr asking his support regarding my card and while I was informed that I am being transferred to another agent, nobody I see replying. It seems that the chat is stuck… is there any way to reset chat? Like to terminate it and to restart it?

My question to your agent was if it is possible to help me to cancel my lost card action as by mistake I declared that my card was lost while I was trying to confirm my account, I know I am stupid… And if it is possible to confirm that my card is fully operating as I am leaving to Japan in 2 weeks and Revolut card will be my main mean of payment.

Thank you!


Hey @nikolaos13 :slight_smile:

How long ago have this happened? Keep in mind you might be in a queue to be assisted by another agent and that it might take a few hours or even a day or two to get an answer :wink:

However, you can also reach them through Twitter/Facebook to get this sorted out, or get in touch with a forum moderator (Andreas):

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