Reset contactless limit issues + feedback

In celebration of this Black Friday, I have tested the contactless limit feature to understand what happens when that limit is reached. These are my conclusions:

P.S.: And sorry if I put this in the wrong category. This post contains both what I regard as ‘bugs’, but also general feedback.

1 - Contactless limit ought to be shown in the main currency of that user. I.e. I live in Denmark and the contactless limit ought to be shown in DKK instead of €150. It’s honestly just a lot more intuitive.

2 - The limit does not update instantaneously. It took several hours from one transaction until the limit moved.

3.1 - CHIP+PIN transaction does reset the contactless limit, as it should. But again it did not update until several hours after the transaction.

3.2 - About 30 minutes after the limit updated to €0 I received an email about my need to perform a C+P transaction. I received an additional in-app notification that I needed to reset the limit or perform a C+P transaction, and until then all my cards would have contactless disabled… I feel that perhaps Revolut is implementing the PSD2 thing a bit too aggressively, and again all this information is unnecessary, because the terminals already handle it automatically at the POS. Were these two warning notifications delayed? It needs som UX work.

4 - It is unnecessary and spammy to warn users about the impending limit in the app (+ I just received an email about the limit being reached!). The terminals handle everything (at least they do in Denmark). Whenever you reach the limit, the following happens (in Denmark):

Perhaps it depends on the country, at least the Revolut blog post about the topic is unclear. The norm in Denmark is that the terminal handles everything. The terminal puts the transaction on hold, makes a cutesy ‘beep-beep’ sound to get my attention and shows a message (in the language derived from the BIN of the card. In my case it showed this message in Danish): ‘INSERT CHIP AND ENTER PIN’ (“rough” translation… :laughing:). Then you obey that command and it works and everyone is happy. This was the way before PSD2, and it still is.

Can other users please confirm what happens in their respective countries whenever you reach the contactless limit? Does it indeed just reject the payment, or does the terminal handle it.

I only once had this situation long time ago in Switzerland that a verification was required for a payment below the contactless limit. Then the terminal just asked for the pin, that is all.

It’s the same process if you go over the contactless limit, which is CHF 40 over here. You hold your card to the reader, you enter the pin, done. No need to insert the card. NFC is treated the same as chip in that respect, only faster.

This is the most efficient way of dealing with it. Whenever there is a need for an additional verification to process the NFC payment, it should ask for the pin on the terminal.

The EU directive says 150€ so it’s a lot easier on Revolut’s end to work in EUR I imagine

Confusing to me also though as member states are required to legislate for this and presumably would localize it, maybe as it was delayed by many countries Denmark doesn’t have their equivalent of 150€ set yet? I say that but the U.K. is at 135£ and still displays as 150€ so maybe it’s just easier for them rather than over complicating it

Happens here too (UK)

This is not controlled by Revolut unfortunately so outside of the land of NFC + PIN you get chip and pin, in which it’ll just ask you to insert your card and type your PIN in

This would mean, that the acquirer’s implementation is just not focusing on usability if forcing more steps on us consumers than absolutely necessary. Oh well…

I do not believe that the RTS set out by the ECB and enacted with Regulation 2018/389 (replacing parts of the original PSD2 Directive) can be departed from nationally, because those limits are regulated and not “directed”. The pan-European RTS limits are:

1 - €50 per transaction (physical) or €30 (remote); AND
2 - €150 total before SCA is required (physical) or €100 (remote); OR
3 - Every 5 transactions

The regulation does allow for both (2) and (3). But either of those, with (1), would meet SCA requirements.

Danish law references “the limits set out in Article 98 by the Commission”. So perhaps Revolut does the right thing by not converting the €150 limit.

It is common for currency to be nationalized in legislation, for instance customer deposit protection at an EU level is 100,000€ but in the UK it is set at 85,000£ in our law

But again it may not be mandatory to do so as that’s just an approximation of 150€ so maybe using 150€ is okay

I noticed that pending transactions do not change the contactless limit in the app.
It could just be a display error. If it isn’t, that could be abused.