Requesting money to people without the app - not working

It says at

«Requesting money
You can request money from other Revolut users (…)
For people without the app, we’ll create a payment link so that they can pay you back by debit or credit card (…)»

By clicking on the “payment link” it shows a page requiring to «Join Revolut» and not providing credit card payment option.

I’ve used a payment link before and is has worked perfectly.
Just now it is not working!
I am wondering if Revolut is a reliable system.

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There is a weekly ( or periodical) limit per individual, which needs to reset before allowing you to get paid by credit/ debit card.
It is based on an algorythm used on your account which is sadly not disclosed, try lowering the amount and see if it works that way. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.

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This behavior and your algorithm seems really weird.

Why don’t you put every time 2 buttons “pay with credit card” “join revolut” ?

In my case the people i send the link to always see the page with only the “join revolut” button.

So your feature to pay a revolut user without creating an account don’t really work, it’s too unstable. Do you plan to fix it ?

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What is the amount you are trying to receive? Try to lower it.

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