Requesting a trial extension

I have only just gotten in the position where I can competently assess Revolut for Business and whether I want to go on continuing to use it.

The reason it took so long to get setup is I required a unique IBAN for international transfers which I was only able to obtain over a week into the 2 week trial.

My first transfer will be coming into my accounts soon, but my 2 week trial ends effectively tomorrow, before I get locked into a 12 month contract at £25 a pop every month I would like to actually experience using Revolut for Business in the manner I intend to for the foreseeable future.

Can somebody please extend my trial of Revolut for Business? If not I’ll just have to cancel preemptively and start this whole process again, or go with a competitor such as TransferWise.

Your man is @rafael_revolut AFAIK.

@rafael_revolut can you please extend my trial?

Hi @barnettconsultancy !

One of our support members is with you already discussing the matter in more detail!

Best regards,