requesting a chargeback



After paying for a holiday and trip to Honduras this month via a local travel agency, do we have the right to claim a chargeback via mastercard if the service and trip was not honoured/delivered as described due to poor customer service and political upheaval/ circumstance out of the control of the customer?

Feedback and help would be appreciated, happy holidays!



IMHO this kind of service is reserved for credit cards only.


per mastercard and visa rules there is no difference between debit or credit for these type of situations, but rarely this is a service provided for prepaid cards. as far I can tell this isn’t something usually offered nin prepaid contract cards though, but you can try contacting support


IMHO this kind of service is reserved for credit cards only.

You’re perhaps thinking of Section 75, which is a requirement for credit card providers to protect > 100 GBP purchases.

A chargeback, OTOH, is not a legal right, but a mechanism the card schemes generally put in place for both debit and credit cards. There ought to be a 'dispute this charge’ link for all card transactions within the dash.


I have read more about it any I have to say that you’re right :grin:. It is easier to start procedure if it is credit card and payment is during grace period, but still you’re right- it is possible for debit card too, and should be possible for prepaid even.


Thank you - will try to dispute the transaction now. :slight_smile:


not only.
I had few situations with my Mastercard World Debit (embosed, recognised as credit card) when chargeback it works. As long as I can prove the company broke their rules, or the invoice was cancelled/ wrong, etc.
Same applies for MC Gold on my bank, which is Debit under World and Premium benefits.

That’s why I don’t trust :r: too much yet. Yeah, seems great…but not for serious things.