Request pending fund to be retuned to the sender after knowing exceeded topup limit

Hi, I didnt realized I would exceed my annual topup limit before sending more money to Revolut. I dont want to go through the painful process and the tremendous hassle of trying to increase the limit. Could you return the pending fund, which Revolut received but not yet credited to me, to the original sender please? I understand there will be a processing fee involved but thats okay.

It‘s best to contact support via in app chat for this :wink:

Good idea but Support ignores me after hearing that ‘dedicated special team’ response within 96 hours! It took them seven days before I was told it exceeded limit and fund put in pending. Also a red header alert saying it can take up to 96 hours before a human contact.

Can the in-app support response to me?

Hi @Zkypos . Could you please get in touch with me by direct message?

Hi Jessica,

Yes please. I just logged in to your app and in chat mood. Is this.the right way to DM you?