Request Payment


I would like an option to request payment from somebody who is not in my contacts.


take a look at the business accounts.


I’ve seen that however request payment for personal accounts is useful too


Hi @Pagemakers,

Do you mean, to be able to receive money from Non-Rev users?


I sold something to a person today. He has Revolut and so do I but he’s not in my contacts.

I would have liked to send him a payment request for £x

He could then simply click the request from within the Revolut app to pay me.


@Pagemakers you can do that, you can add manually his phone number then the amount and you can send it.


I want money from him. I don’t want to send money to him.


all they need to do is set a transfer and send you the link.
when you click, it opens a page, you enter your number and your account updates with the added amount


Ok so if he is a Revolut user too, then he can add your phone manually and send you the money.


Understood. I was wanting to initiate the payment from my end not theirs but I guess it doesn’t make much difference.

Thanks for the replies.


Andreas, I don’t want him in my contacts. He’s not a friend of mine. He just wants to send me some money for an item he purchased.


@Pagemakers the best option is to do as i stated. no phone numbers involved


Since this is the “Ideas” section, I still think it is a good idea to add a “request money” feature to the app.


Sure, that’s the aim of our community page and rest assured we take all feedback on board.

A bit further discussion is always welcome, as it helps us to understand the user’s need.


I am totally on board with this idea. The same feature I missed with Transferwise… I want someone to send my some amount, I want to ease him remembering to whom and how much. He just receives the request with details and approves. Somethink like one-time direct debit payment.


Don’t worry people! We listened, send & request money feature will be coming very soon :wink:

@Frank @jspetrak


Great news to know you listen to us!


Essentially replicating the features of Venmo for splitting bills and getting small amounts of money from friends when one person pays and the other promises to return their share. A running owes/owed balance for contacts would be good for keeping track of the debtors and endebted: Revolut would be very handy for this when travelling with friends.


Nice to see this in the latest update.

Thanks for listening!


Would it also be possible to request money from people who are not in your contacts list but have Revolut?

If you read above I wanted to request money from a stranger who I sold an item to. He is not in my contacts but I do have his mobile number. I would just like to request money from a mobile number.