Request payment link

Hi guys, I don’t know if this was addressed already, so’ sorry for duplicate :slight_smile:

I am trying to use the Payment link Request, the link is generated, but when the client is trying to pay, the only option is to sign in to Revolut. There is no other way to pay the requested amount.
As a mention I requested USD, is there a limit?


Same problem. “Pay for free” option is not active.


I am having exactly same problem. Requesting money in EUR from Spain to a non-revolut user and Pay for free appears grayed out and only gives option to join revolut. :confused:

Revolut appears to have some obscure rules which prohibit direct payments with a CC to Revolut account. I’d be very grateful for an explanation from the staff. At the time being probably the unique option working is to open an account, Top-up and transfer from Revolut to Revolut.
Why is payment link offered as a possibility when it’s not working?