Request money


I requested some money from a Revolut contact. It offered me a selection of contact numbers. I chose his mobile. I know this number is correct.

The app gives me a error saying “request failed - invalid email address”!

I was never offered an email address.


Same here - it looks like when a contact has 2 emails in the contact entry


Most people have 2 plus emails.

Not sure when I request money it offers me about 6 phone numbers for the contact I am requesting money off.

Why does it need to do that? It should just show the contact full stop. How is the requester supposed to know which one of their many numbers to chose from?

Keep it SIMPLE.


Just had a long chat with support. Apparently it is caused by your recipients having multiple email addresses. They wanted me to delete these for my contact and I refused. Most people have multiple email addresses.

Support said they would notify the developers that this is causing issues.