Request money to someone, however other party was unable to send

I sent a request for money which was delivered with the link to the other person after several attempts they had no luck in completing the request but they were constantly asked to sign up to Revolut. Thinking this would enable the transaction to happen they joined but still unable to send any money … no information from the system to either of our numbers saying why this transaction was not allowed. transaction was from a uk account with cleared funds available. Not impressed.

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Hey! Where is the other person based?

both of us are in the UK

Did you report this issue to our in-app support?

Probably not, as didn’t know there was one,

Yes, we offer in-app support :slight_smile:

Go More _> Support :slight_smile: In case you need it in the future.

All very well, but still doesn’t give me a solution to this transfer :frowning:

Could you please try requesting a smaller amount?