Request Money (or split bill) - no traces after request expires


I have created a money request for one of my contacts, him not being very active revolut user, and me not wanting to bug him the request was hanging in there for some weeks, and then it just disappeared.

These might not be considered as bugs, but they are definitely design flaws imo.
a) I got no notification whatsoever that my request has expired, if not for other circumstances I simply would have forgotten it and therefore lost money that the contact owes me (because I had the false sense of “task completed” when I created the request, and therefore expected to be able to track the status of it. Instead it was lost without any trace).
b) There is no way to check the details of the expired request, therefore no simple way to re-request.


Yes, this is very annoying I was just going to post the same issue. Is there any way to find those expired money requests?


Hi, I’ve got the same problem. Is there any way to find requests which hasn’t been paid?