Request money in any currency via link


There is no existing tool that allows you to request money via a link in any currency. PayPal comes close with PayPal.Me and Monzo has but they only work for a selected currency.

Now that companies like Revolut have solved the currency exchange problem, it’s likely that increasingly people are going to want to keep money in multiple currencies, not just their home country’s currency. If that’s true, then there is going to be an increased demand to engage in transactions spanning multiple currencies. These transactions aren’t necessarily limited to being between people that know each other. For example, a blogger could ask subscribers to donate money to support his work. Imagine he gives you a Revolut link whereby subscribers can choose which currency to pay the blogger in!

Some specifics:

  • The requestor should be able to specify which currencies he is willing to accept
    Alternatively, the requestor should be able to set it up so that no matter what currency was used by the payer, the requestor gets all the money converted to the currency he specified.
  • The requestor should be able to specify an amount (in a certain currency), or leave it up to the payer.
  • It would be nice to be able to generate multiple trackable links, so that the requestor can track how much money is going into each ‘pot’. For example, say the user has organised a skitrip. By having a separate collection pot for skitrip, it makes it easy for the user to check who has and hasn’t paid.
  • It would also be nice if the links allow you to pay via cryptocurrencies.

So, the idea is basically: Revolut hyperlinks that allow a customer to request money from anyone, where the payer can choose which currency to pay in.