Request money by link: why I don't have it?

after two days trying to receive an answer from the Help I try here as well: a client asked me to send him a link for paying by credit card. In my revolut app there is no “request money by link” option and if I try to request money tapping him as a contact he is forced to open a Revolut account, then put money in it, but with a limit of 250€ (and the payment is higher than that). However, yesterday I tried to ask for money to my boyfriend and he sent me it without a Revolut account; also, one of my contacts has the “Request money by link” option in his app.
How do I solve this? Thank you.

The request money link feature also has also a limit of 250. (Check out the blog post about

If someone wants to send you money via Revolut app directly, that other person needs to fully verify the identity. After that, one should be able to send lager sums.

Thank you Frank. Probably there lays my problem.