REQUEST: Free virtual spare cards


Well, I agree that 5 GBP seems a lot. But I don’t agree that virtual cards should be free. Issuing cards, even virtual ones, does generate costs. And if people abandon cards often, banks can’t just delete everything. They have to store the payment history for a decade (I’m not sure how long actually, 10 years is just something i’ve read at a bank’s website). Everything is regulated heavily in the banking world. And this whole IT infrastructure does generate costs as well. And customers want Revlout to invest in development of the app and the product in general. I can see that margins on payments with virtual credit cards alone aren’t a sustainable business model.


A simple answer to this question. Card numbers generated are subject to being purchased from Mastercard. When ever a Credit Card company, Bank or Travel Money company uses Mastercard / Visa for their Cashless options, they have to pay for those card numbers generated and to be maintained.

I don’t work for Revolut, but the company I work for are subject to this and their Travel Money Cards are subject to fee’s and retail exchange rates… so for a fiver I’d count myself lucky because you’ll be saving more with Revolut than other “Cash Passport” alternatives.


10 years is correct.


That’s correct @damianryan


Not really… Of course things might have change till May '17.

But I’ve just signed up for Revolut, topped up my account and ordered a virtual card and was charged 5 pounds anyway, so it’s not really applicable to a spare card but to the primary one as well.

Not really the best welcome experience to be honest, especially I’ve got charged right after with another 5 pounds for a physical card (though I consider this fair).


Hi @mikolajek, I don’t think anything changed here.

1st card is free, + GBP 5 delivery costs if one wants a physical one
Virtual spare card is GBP 5 (or GBP 10 for a physical one incl. delivery costs)

Considering that not all users want or need spare cards or virtual cards, it is just fair in my opinion to apply fees for customers who actually use these options instead of cross-subsidizing the costs for card issuing / delivery with income generated by all customers.

If you were actually charged for the 1st card, I would ask the support for a refund. The FAQs clearly state that the 1st virtual card is free: Section “Card --> Are there any charges?”

Free card

Hello @mikolajek,

Thank you for contacting us. I have looked into your account, & @Frank is right. Nothing has changed here.

The reason why you have been charged is because you have generated your first virtual card at no cost, and then ordered an additional physical card (5£).

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

First virtual card free or not ?

I definitely support you. Personally I would need something similar on! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t exist? Seriously? Plastic maybe doesn’t exist, but it is real i assure you and it costs to manage it.


Hi to clarify.

only 1 card is free virtual or physical (only delivery cost applying) is that right ?
as your message isnt clear, probably many people think

virtual card free and physical free too, but you pay for delivery and doesnt matter in what order you are ordering.

for example
if I get 1st virtual MC - free
then I get as 2nd physical MC - I will pay 5GBP+delivery cost (appeared equal of 2GBP)

if I get 1st physical MC - I will pay delivery cost 5GBP
then I get as 2nd virtual MC - I will pay 5GBP

which option is right? both option are choice 7GBP against 10GBP isnt it?

strange thing are 3 delivery options

standard 2GBP 6days
(and I didnt choose yet Premium feature)
sorry for capitals as it is to underline.


Let’s try to clarify the fees for card issuing:

1st card is free. If it’s “just” a virtual one, no further fees. But if one decides to make the first card a physical one, one has to pay for delivery.

From there on, all further cards, virtual or physical does not matter, are defined as “spare cards” or secondary cards. The fee for every spare card is the same, 5 GBP. And then again, if one decides to make the second card a physical one, one has to pay extra for delivery.

(Sorry, can’t help you out with delivery fees. I would rely on what they say in the FAQs.)


Hi @vbreaker

@Frank is right.

Global free delivery is only available to premium users. Please choose standard or express delivery :raised_hands:


Hi there, I can agree with you. If we seek innovation, that is non-free either. Plus, I really do not see why anything should be free. If it is, then great, like the free services of Revolut. I however have to admit, that should I quit receiving my paycheck, I would look for another job. We may argue that a price is too high for us, but that is sorted out by supply and demand plus the business plans of an enterprise.


In the context of virtual cards, the reason why Revolut charges a fee to create virtual cards (Some people would assume that, because virtual cards are virtual, and therefore ‘only’ bits of data, and do not have the costs associated with a physical card–manufacturing the card, delivering the card, …–that virtual cards should be free.) is because the payment processor that Revolut uses charges money for the creation of each new card, virtual or not.

Regarding costs and fees in financial services… The old(er) retail banks are able to offer certain services for an artificially low price (e.g. Unlimited ATM withdrawals, free current accounts, …) because these products are cross-subidised from their other financial products. Overdrafts, credit cards, mortgages, FX conversions via currency accounts, … all have a more expensive commission or/and an unfavourable FX spread.


and what if I have a physical card, I pay for a spare virtual card then I delete it. Will I get the new virtual card for free or I have to pay for it again?


As long as you have an active card, virtual or physical does not matter, a 2nd card always costs the spare card fee.


Frank my question was what if I order a second card so I pay for it then I delete the second card from the app (there is an option to do so). Will I be charged again for the second card if I request it again or not? (since I already paid for the second card but deleted it).


It does not matter how many cards you deleted. The second card always costs.


Why if I already paid for it?


Well, every time you order a card, a new card is issued. It is not like you are getting the same old 2nd card every time again.