REQUEST: Free virtual spare cards

Why charge £5 just to generate a virtual card. Thats just unfair.

I see its fair if we order the physical but for the virtual, thats just a scam.

I think this is a bug?


Hi @hussainozzy,

Just to clarify, the first Virtual card is free, however if you want to generate a spare virtual card, which will be active at the same time, costs £5.

Yeah but virtual card is virtual.
Why pay for something that doesnt exist?

You could have made this free.

I would pay for a physical but never for a virtual card. Plus £5 is a rip off!


I’ve just signed up for a Revolut account and paid the 6€ for a physical card - but asking for a virtual card, is asking for a further 6€?

I can see you have ordered your first physical card indeed, if you want to have a virtual card active at the same time, then you need to pay for it.

“I can see you have ordered your first physical card indeed, if you want to have a virtual card active at the same time, then… " WE NEED TO ROB YOU.”

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We’re really sorry you feel that way @hussainozzy, this a new feature we provide to our user when they want to have a spare card active. It’s not compulsory, it’s a personal choice to have it or not.

Well, I am glad I read this before I actually ordered my physical card (and I was going to do so). I thought that “spare virtual card” was meant as second one, on top of the one I have now.
I totally agree with @hussainozzy and others, fee for virtual card is not fair at all. Now I am seriously considering keeping only virtual card at Revolut and order physical one somewhere else.

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This has to be one of the most backward things you have done to your service and you were doing so well. Virtual cards should be * Free * or less than a £1 like other services I have used. The pricing policy you have now employed really makes your service somewhat inept and useless for people who wish to have control over their card details (renew often or use for trials, shopping on foreign websites etc…)

If entropy can still do this cheap, you surely can. Considering your still seeking money off users and investor seed funding you should again. Make your service great not start good and then step backwards!!


That’s bad. Altho revolut is making everythong harder and harder now a days. My friends who are new at revolut just dont understand anything and then they give up unistalling it. Revolut. You’re making everything very hard now.

Really? People asked here in the forums for options like spare cards, virtual spare cards, more than one cards attached to one account … sure, the product is a more complex product now than it was when Revolut started.

I agree that some things could be explained better on the website but I still find setting up an account and ordering one physical card pretty easy.

Well, I agree that 5 GBP seems a lot. But I don’t agree that virtual cards should be free. Issuing cards, even virtual ones, does generate costs. And if people abandon cards often, banks can’t just delete everything. They have to store the payment history for a decade (I’m not sure how long actually, 10 years is just something i’ve read at a bank’s website). Everything is regulated heavily in the banking world. And this whole IT infrastructure does generate costs as well. And customers want Revlout to invest in development of the app and the product in general. I can see that margins on payments with virtual credit cards alone aren’t a sustainable business model.

A simple answer to this question. Card numbers generated are subject to being purchased from Mastercard. When ever a Credit Card company, Bank or Travel Money company uses Mastercard / Visa for their Cashless options, they have to pay for those card numbers generated and to be maintained.

I don’t work for Revolut, but the company I work for are subject to this and their Travel Money Cards are subject to fee’s and retail exchange rates… so for a fiver I’d count myself lucky because you’ll be saving more with Revolut than other “Cash Passport” alternatives.


10 years is correct.

That’s correct @damianryan

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Not really… Of course things might have change till May '17.

But I’ve just signed up for Revolut, topped up my account and ordered a virtual card and was charged 5 pounds anyway, so it’s not really applicable to a spare card but to the primary one as well.

Not really the best welcome experience to be honest, especially I’ve got charged right after with another 5 pounds for a physical card (though I consider this fair).

Hi @mikolajek, I don’t think anything changed here.

1st card is free, + GBP 5 delivery costs if one wants a physical one
Virtual spare card is GBP 5 (or GBP 10 for a physical one incl. delivery costs)

Considering that not all users want or need spare cards or virtual cards, it is just fair in my opinion to apply fees for customers who actually use these options instead of cross-subsidizing the costs for card issuing / delivery with income generated by all customers.

If you were actually charged for the 1st card, I would ask the support for a refund. The FAQs clearly state that the 1st virtual card is free: Section “Card --> Are there any charges?”

Hello @mikolajek,

Thank you for contacting us. I have looked into your account, & @Frank is right. Nothing has changed here.

The reason why you have been charged is because you have generated your first virtual card at no cost, and then ordered an additional physical card (5£).

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.

I definitely support you. Personally I would need something similar on! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t exist? Seriously? Plastic maybe doesn’t exist, but it is real i assure you and it costs to manage it.

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