Request for your bank transfer has failed

I am trying to make a bank transfer to my landlord with Revolut app. I successfully added his bank account, I have enough funds in the account (3800 EUR) and I need to transfer him 33000 NOK (3500 EUR). When I complete the process of transferring money I always get error: “Request for your bank transfer has failed”. Any ideas? Should I convert those EUR to NOK first?

Hello @arturo,

Could you please try to reach out our in-app support team?

Hi, I have got the same problem on all bank transfers I requested. After confirming the request either with the fingerprint or with the PIN code, it says the “request for transfer has failed” as if there was an issue with authentication. But - both fingerprint and PIN code work immediately for log-in into the app, and I tried it with the transfer many times to be sure the code or the print are correct, so it is definitely not the problem. The only workaround is to schedule the transfer for the next day, which is rather inconvenient.
Is anyone experiencing the same issue? Can you help?

Hello, Any reason why any money transfer from my Revolut account to another bank account (individual or business) cannot be completed? Please note I haven’t done any transfer, so the limit is far from being reached. Thank you.

Also, please don’t ask me to check with the in app chat, I’ve been waiting for 1h for a live agent… and still counting.

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I also have a problem with one of my previous bank tranfers. On 27th of July I transferred 1375 USD to an external bank account in order to pay our hotel reservation. Even if the transfer is shown as completed, it’s failed due to some compliance issues. I sent all the backups to Revolut to confirm the transfer, I received the answer that 3-5 days later money will arrive. It’s never arrived and we had to pay our hotel reservation in cash. Today is the 36th day that I don’t have any information about my money. I contacted live agent almost everyday, raised a complaint form, same answer: the relevant team is working on your issue, still waiting for update. What is this reaction to the customer? Revolut probably stole my 1375 USD and no information what is happening to my money. I also asked for compensation: they offered the premium package for 4 months. No thank you. I want my money back and a compensation in cash as Revolut has been using my money for 36 days! Next turn will be to turn to Ombuds. This company is a joke.

I’m also having this issue. I can log into the app with my fingerprint - but my password is always incorrect?
Then when I transfer it both fingerprints and password are incorrect. I could schedule the transfer so I’ve managed to do it, but this is a really annoying bug.

I’m using Android.

Since my IBAN has changed from GB to LT i cant receive any funds. I sent last week Euros to my account with all the correct details, but it bounced back to my bank. Before the IBAN-change i had never problems. Someone has the same issue?

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Добрый день, скажите пожалуйста, как связаться с живым агентом?

I have the same issue! Trying to make a transfer from EUR account in France to my Revolut account, I switched to the new IBAN and the transfer is keep bouncing back! What to do?

Hello. I have problem with my Revolut app.
I could not send money(even find friends who using Revolut) also i couldn’t receive money.
App is updated recently

Hi there,
I am just facing the exact same issue, I used to transfer money from Revolut to an international account (SWIFT), it has always worked in the past but not this last one. The recipient has not received the money and Revolut keeps replying that they raised a funds recall but have no guarantee it will succeed nor when it will get sorted. It has been more than two weeks now so I strongly think the money will never arrive to the recipient (the account info have never changed since the first successful transfers that got received in 3/4 days) but still they are unable to locate the transfer and in the meantime, the money has been debited from my account. Is this even legal not guaranteeing that the money is recalled for unsuccessful operations, especially when there are no errors in the beneficiary account information?

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Hello, I think I have the same issue. I once transferred money in euros from revolut to my other account (a conventional one) and there was no problem. But now it won’t work!