request and send money to non-revolut user


it would be great to be able to request money to non-revolut users and they just have to enter their credit card information to send the money without having to sign up to revolut.

Same thing when you want to send money to non-revolut users, they d just have to enter their IBAN.

i know one app which does that, it s lydia (

It would save a lot of time and probably convince a lot of people to use revolut more.



soon we should get iban and short codes per account, which should allow you to receive money from anyone, not just named accounts.

AFAIK, you can already send money to any non-revolut account


thanks for your reply.

i can t wait for it :slight_smile:


And will “direct debit” then become possible too?
(very confusion your Britisch money system!)


However, I think it will be very useful the plomkiolki’s idea. The possibility of sending and request money to anyone is not possible yet. I would like that I could request money to non-revolut users and they can just pay me entering their credit or debit card without having to register on Revolut.


I don’t see that coming. Merchant fees for card payments would apply. Look at the fees services like iZettle or Sum up have.


Hi Aresena,

We’re looking into this currently. Do you have more feedback regarding sending and requesting money through Revolut?



Hi Scholz,

No, I only have the feedback I have said.

Thanks a lot. If you launch this feature, I will definitely love Revolut



same as Aresena, if this feature appears, i won t have to use another app to request and send money to friends who don t use revolut.


Thanks guys!

I’m confident we can announce something in this direction very soon.



I believe some days ago I got a news in the Revolut app saying it was now possible to ask money to non-revolut members without them having to sign up.

However, my girlfriend tried yesterday to ask money to a contact of her but he received a mail with a link to install revolut app: and since he is Japanese, he cannot do it.

Am I missing something or this feature is not available yet?


Same question over here ! I tried this feature recently. It produced a link toward a web page where any credit card could be used (without a Revolut account). That seemed terribly perfect. But I can no longer find this feature - it now invites to install Revolut. Where is this feature hidden now ? I will not force everyone to sign up to Revolut !


Hey @Vivi :slight_smile:

It’s currently under maintenance


Thanks for the info !
I hope they can get it back soon… Although I doubt it :confused:


Hey @Vivi :slight_smile:

Here’s the original topic where the info was posted:


Thanks @Juliopp for the link ! :wink:
Let’s have patience …