Reporting fraud


Hi I have had cash taken out of my card from a different country. How do I go about reporting this and getting the money back ? I have tried customer support but cannot get through to anyone


Hey SS330. First. Block you card! Second you need to contact support. Have you used “live agent”? If that didn’t work you can always try facebook or twitter as a last resort.


Hi someone is still trying to use my card right now in India. I am not in India!


Block and/or Terminate it immediately.


Thx I have blocked and cannot get a live agent


Ηey there. Really sorry to hear that. Did you manage to get in touch with him?


Managed to speak to a support person. Now have to wait the 7 days to see if it goes through or not and then can start refund process. Thanks


While i wait thought id share this thought .May be coincidence or not but my Barclays debit card was stopped for fraud on sunday, I was able to transfer 200 into revolut whilst on the phone with Barclays representative on monday and it was literally within 10 mins of the transfer that 110 was taken out of the revolut card in India. Had no issues with it before. I had read somewhere that the bank behind revolut was Barclays?. Once back in UK will report all this and see where it goes …


They use Lloyds Bank.


I know this should be a new topic but I am unable to start one so here goes:-

I recently noticed that small ammounts of money was being taken from my Santander current account on a regular basis over a period of several months. Each transaction appears on my statement as follows:-

  • CARD PAYMENT TO REVOLUT4198,10.00 GBP, RATE 1.00/GBP ON 31-01-2019**

I queried this with my bank and their frad dept. advised me that it seems to them that I had used my santander debit card thus starting a legimimate ‘relationship’ with Revolute and that I would have to open a dispute with them (Revolute).

I have no idea whose revolute account the payments have been going to and need to know how to report/trace the recipient of those funds. How can I go about achieving this as the live chat with an agent has percured nothing.

Any help would be much appreciated


It seems like someone who stole your Santander card details was using Revolut’s card top up or “” feature for this fraud.

In cases of fraud, you always have to ask the card issuer to start the investigation / chargeback. Since this isn’t your Revolut account (you might not even be a Revolut customer), it’s Santander’s obligation.


Santander is wrong and @Frank is right. It is always the card issuer who must handle any dispute. They cannot ask you to resolve it yourself with the merchant (in this case Revolut). Go back to Santander and insist on this. The onus is on Santander to prove that you, and not the fraudster, gave your card details to Revolut. Failing that, escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


I’d have thought so as well but they are claiming that since the inital transaction was not fraudulent (and although I can’t remember ever allowing someone to top up their Revolut with my card, I can’t be 100% certain) It cannont be classed as fraud and therfore needs taking up with the merchant.
My query is not to discuss the rights and wrongs of Santander’s responce (and I agree 100% with @Frank) but to find out how to progress this matter with Revolut, surly they have a way of tracing the payment to the end user and there should be no Data protection issue in letting me know who that is.


Sure they can track this technically. Under payment network provider contracts, they can’t just tell you who the recipient was. Your bank, Santander, is responsible to investigate.

Revolut can’t disclose the account owner for you. But they can cooperate with Santander to reveal the account holder to authorities if it was indeed fraud. It’s like making a bank transfer to an IBAN and then finding out it was the wrong IBAN. The recipient’s bank will never tell you who the account holder is.


The onus is on them to prove their claim. What evidence have they provided?

Until you persuade Santander that their response is wrong, and if necessary escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, this will go nowhere.