Replacement of virtual card - New Type?

Hi all

I received a mail on 1st of March 2021 that they will soon replace my current virtual card (which is a Visa) with a new one. It’s not related with expiration of that card. BTW: I’m living in Switzerland, which might be relevant.

In their mail they claim that it’ll be a debit card and it will be accepted by more merchants as the current one.

Anyone knows the details behind it? Do they switch to real debit cards not being of type prepaid?

I already got this card issued and can quote the BIN numbers. I’ve looked up these BIN’s in the database (the only one I know which accepts the first 8 digits as with 6 digits it really doesn’t give you reliable infomation). But these databases are known to lag if new BIN’s are introduced and migh not be accurate all the times.
BIN => Info from
Old 4596 5482 Virtaul Visa => Visa - Infinite / Debit Prepaid=no / GB
New 5354 5697 Virtual MC => Mastercard - World Debit Embossed / Debit (Prepaid flag info) / CH

It’s interessting that the “old” virtual card from Visa shows prepaid=no and the new one doesn’t have that information yet at all. According to binlist the new one is localized to my home country which the old visa seems not to be.


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Hi Oliver,

two thoughts.

Yes, Revolut switched to Debit a while ago. This could be the reason for this if you still had any card in your wallet that was issued before that switch.

And keep in mind that online BIN databases aren’t reliable. I have a number of Revolut cards, MasterCard and Visa, virtual and physical, for the personal and the business accounts. And BIN databases show me infos that are all over the place.

I found two more reliable ways of testing localization are ATMs that would offer DCC or merchants that are known for strict regional restrictions like Apple iTunes.

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Hi Frank
Do you know when that switch was? I still have an early physical GB MC which I assume is prepaid plus an early CH-Maestro which shows as prepaid as well.
BTW: I know that these public databases are not really reliable, but the DCC is a bit of a gamble as indicator as well and prepaid yes/no is even harder to find.

BTW: I’m not an Apple user, so can’t test iTunes.

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I remember that Revolut Business replaced prepaid with debit August 2020. Consumer cards were switched over way before that. I vaguely remember late 2019 / early 2020 that people reported the switch. With physical cards its easy because they‘ve got „Debit“ printed on them. I can’t give you precise details, I believe it depends on many factors. The switch didn’t happen for all card brands, plans and regions at the same time.

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For me it was the same. I have a perfectly fine working visa debit (BIN 4350 44). Recently they switched it to MasterCard (BIN 5354 56), no one really knows the reason… I guess there is some kind of improvement, but also do keep in mind, Revolut has a deal with Visa and MasterCard to release cards on a rotation scheme. Probably they didn’t issue enough of MasterCards (because Visa is more popular) and this way they try to issue enough (bear in mind, all of this are guesses, we’ll never have a true answer from Revolut)

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Da du in der Schweiz lebst ind Oliver heisst probiere ich es mal in Deutsch. Vor einiger Zeit konnte ich meine virtual Mastercard in eine neue tauschen,also Mastercard to Mastercard. Die Neue die du jetzt anfordern kannst ist wiederum eine Mastercard. Wenn du jetzt die neue Mastercard bestellst gibst du auf längere Sicht deine Visa auf. Ich hab das nicht getan…

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my virtual Visa was also replaced this month, by another Visa. I’m a resident of the Netherlands.
Not sure what kind of improvement I will encounter… :roll_eyes:

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Which can we add on the virtual cards (payment to facebook advertisment)

Can I add Robert deNiro or Naomi Campbell and use the name for any online transfer??

or am I force to use my real family name with each virtual cards?