Replacement of old cards - forgotten promises


Dear revolut. Im from the beginning a customer and I got as a starter a revolut card without the paypass function. Actually there was a bit of discussion that you will replace our old cards for free with paypass cards but more than 1 year left nothing happened - guess you have so much new customers and introducing premium service - you dont care about this anymore. Anyway.
A feedback here that I try to contact your customer support what do you suggest how should get a revolut card with paypass - the robot doesnt understand the question first. The support agent I wait now close 2 hours 0 answer… Looks service level starts to decrease - or from now only premium clients get a good service? Sorry. I still really enjoy revolut but would be good to keep the high quality!


At one point they communicated that old cards are not being replaced for free. You can simply order a new card from within the app. That is what I did.


Frank. I do not get any help from Revolut support (yet). Do i need to disable the old card? Or i can keep it?
If I order a new card it will be a replacement card or a new one? How can I link it to the app? There is any price difference if replacement or new card order? Maybe you know the answer…


You can do both. One can have 2 active cards. But yes, different fees apply. Sorry, I haven’t memorized them. I would check the official FAQs and the Blog, they’ve written a Blog post about additional / spare cards.


Try to find out… Finnaly support answers…


Ok. So finally it cost in total 12€. I needed to order a new card for 6€ and additinal 6€ for the delivery.
What was not clear for me spare/replacement card means a totally new card - so is not a copy of the old card. At least I can still keep the old card…
Very big change from the beginning when we got the card for free! But it was already really disturbing when all the merchants asking for paypass and I say sorry my card is old style… Maybe it was communicated there is no replacement for existing customers somewhere - I didnt find this final communication and hoped for a surprise maybe too long…


For new customers, the 1st card itself is still free (only delivery).


Great this was not told to me, but wanted to keep my account anyway. Support said i need to order a completely new card… I dont know what had been the price if I disable the old one and reorder. I didnt get an answer what happens with the disabled old one if I could reactivate later… Ah…


You could deactivate a card, yes, but a replacement card would still cost GBP 5, like a spare card or second card or whatever one calls it.

So when one wants a contactless card, one has to order a new one, and add it as a second card or replace the old one. The ordering process is the same in both scenarios.

There are two occasions when a card itself is free: when you open a new account and order your fist physical card or when a card reaches end of validity.


OK… Whatever option I see would cost me 12€… I end here with this. I dont how many people still own the old original card - there was no replacement option offered for us… Now I will have a new one so will enjoy contacless…


Enjoy! It is worth it :slight_smile:


@Frank @andras.szalkai Hey guys! Sorry for any confusion. We do charge for any card orders. The first one will be 6EUR to cover the cost of delivery, any additional cards ordered onto the account will be 12EUR, 6EUR for the card fee and 6EUR for a spare card fee to have multiple active cards on the account at once. If you opt to replace your card and just order a replacement, instead of an additional card, this will cost you 6EUR, but you have to make sure the first card is completely deleted from the app itself before ordering.


Thanks for clarification, @larysa.stachowicz. I checked the FAQs, it says

A replacement card will cost ÂŁ5 plus delivery