Replacement of non-expired cards

Hi all
Ive seen online that cards in Ireland might become useless from 21 June.

I never received email from Revolut about this. Anyone else knows about this? Should I replace my existing card? Vant find any info…

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Affected customers were informed by Revolut with all relevant details like when cards are stop working.

If you weren’t contacted, you might not be affected. If you’re in doubt, contact support. They can tell you if you need to replace your cards.

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My guess is that they replacing all those “ancient” “prepaid” cards (replacing with “debit”).

The card I had to replace was a Visa Debit. :person_shrugging:

@Windowbox I’ve also gone through this recently. When reaching out to Revolut chat I received the following response:

And for the cards, you can order a new one for you as Revolut is always working to make its user’s experience above the world. And for that you may have received an email. As explained in the email you received, we’re always looking for ways to improve your Revolut experience. Which is why we’ve been hard at work making our card payments experience better than ever. We have made a few under-the-hood upgrade which we believe will improve your experience with our product. However, these upgrades only apply to new cards that we create and because of this we have to replace some of your older cards.

My card was about 4yrs away from expiration. :man_shrugging: :credit_card:

This is an interesting response.
For me it raises further questions:
For whom are the benefits of forcing ‘new’ cards?
What additional tracking is embedded within the new cards?
It concerns me that organisations aren’t open about what is happening.

I also had to get a replacement card with about 1 year left on the card. Now I have the new card and am running into card declined issues… I then pull out my old card and it works straight away. So there’s definitely some difference between the cards

I got two replacement cards as well, one Visa and one Maestro.

However, the Visa card looks like it’s been printed in reverse - looking at the front, the chip is on the right instead of on the left, and looking at the back, the magnetic stripe is at the bottom.

Is that intentional / are other Visa cards from Revolut the same? Kinda looks ugly to have one Revolut-Maestro that’s right-side up, and one Revolut-Visa that’s the complete opposite …

My MasterCard (UK) is also in reverse. But that doesn’t change the functionality. The mag stripe is not really relevant anyway. I can’t remember when I last swiped that, it could be a decade now.

I’m more concerned about the card quality. My Revolut MasterCard is considerably thinner than any other card I have, including my Revolut Business card and it seems to be just an inkjet print job. The colour is already coming off in places after not even a year. I don’t have that problem with any other or the seven cards in my wallet.

No, but that’s not a problem. Check out Apple’s Apple Card. Upside down as well. Doesn’t matter at all. And it’s not just Visa. Everything is in its place, it’s just turned 180 degrees.

Yes, new R cards (visa & master) are like this. It caused already confusion for me… becouse its just freaking feels not correct compared to other cards I have which dont have this weird design decision.

At some point, card networks allowed portrait cards. Now they’re allowing more flexibility for landscape designs. For decades, card networks dictated that card numbers must be printed on the front of the card. Now they can be on the back, or omitted altogether. Things change.

Mag Stripe doesn’t work at all in some countries as it caused your Rev to gets blocked and
it could be on of the reason why they are replacing them. I face this issue once I was in Japan and the merchand tried to use mag stripe to do the transaction.