Replacement of non-expired cards

I am UK based and have recently had to replace two cards, both with over a year to run.

It has been done smoothly, but I don’t know why the old cards suddenly needed changing.

Can anybody explain why this has happened?

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One of the reasons I can think of is that they’re phasing out cards from before switching to their own in-house payment processing.

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I received the same, and I agree the process of replacing it is very easy and smooth; but, wondering the same,… why would they need to? I had a MC card and not it’ll be Visa, and of course the LOGO is different, before it was the R on the left, now the card will say REVOLUT on the left. but I want to believe it is not a cosmetic driven change

Revolut updated its corporate design in march 2020. That affected card design as well. From Revolut’s own communication about the switch, the reasons are technical.

This can be a big problem. I am from the UK but on an extended visit to Anguilla in the Caribbean.
I asked a live agent about sending the new cards to my location and was told just to change the address when ordering. I am here in excess of 83 days, expiration time showing on my cards on my phone. And the island has no postal system as we know it. So I have rented a PO box to get my cards ( as I need to live ), anyway when you go to give your new address ( even though in the background it has written P.O. Box No. ) PO boxes are not allowed. I was told I could have a virtual card but has anyone had success shoving one down the throat of an ATM machine.

So word of warning to travelers, do not put your faith in the Revolut card

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Might work in a virtual :atm:

However, you raise a sensible point regarding the cut off timescale.

Just wanted to make an observation as I am starting to think this is financially motivated.
I started off with a free card along side my wife, due to the amount of travelling I do I upgraded to premium. Now my Premium cards are counting down until they expire my wife’s free card is stable. Is Revolut casting its net out to sell customised cards? If not why are not all cards expiring ( if its a technical need )

it as well changed to Visa from my previous MC

I don’t think this makes sense. Revolut is replacing cards from a certain batch, whether you’ve opted for a fancy one or not. This thread is evidence that customers are annoyed by the move. More likely than not, this is costing them money. My guess is this is about breaking free from legacy payment processing.


Totally agree with you that it makes no sense, however both my wife and I were issued free cards at the same time. I went then to premium using both my original card and my slate grey card. Now my free card shows 78 days to expiry, and my wife’s card has no expiry. Totally defies logic of any sort. My view has to be that there is no problem with the card otherwise both would be expiring, so the only other thought is some sort of marketing ploy.

It sounds like you’re referring to the regular expiration date that every card has. Cards issued at the same time don’t necessarily have the same end validity date. The same issuer often has ranges from 3 to 5 years. It might be assigned randomly. It’s a security mechanism, since validity date is also used as a 2nd factor for e-commerce payment authorization.

I just got message that i have to reissue 2 cards expiering mid 2023. One is VISA and one MC. But they do not provide MC, what should i do?

Same problem here. I had a MC for 4 years and I got a message saying I need to change it. I do all the process but when I type the card number, it says it’s not valid. I don’t mind change to VISA, but the app does not give me the option at all. And if I try to order a new card, the app ‘kindly’ reminds me my card is about to stop working and it only allows me to order a replacement. I’ve been in this loop for a week now and I see no solution at the moment.

I have a MC and a Visa and was notified that I need to replace them before they expire in 52 days… so I asked for replacements to both and got two MAESTRO cards??? WTF?

I live in Switzerland and Revolut asked me to replace my Visa Debit Card with a new card. The new card they sent is a Maestro Card which does not work on-line where Visa or Mastercard are expected. The only way to make online payments is to create a virtual credit card and use that. The virtual card however seems to only work once. When you have a newspaper subscription that renews monthly, this is highly inconvenient. What should I do differently?

The (normal) virtual card (blue colour) can be used for multiple transactions. The disposable virtual card (pink coulour) can only be used once.

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AFAIR the card change is transparent. It works from within the app and is selectable as an option to replace it within the app.
When I performed this task just over a week ago, I was not asked to enter the card number at any stage. The new card was received in a timely fashion days later and works perfectly well after activating it (as described).


Did you take note of what you selected during the replacement process? I just went through it for my wife and there is a choice between Mastercard and Maestro. They look very similar.
Swiss as well, on the standard plan.

You always have the option to order an additinal card if you need to. Although it wont be free.


I ordered a new card and it hasn’t arrived yet, according to Revolut, the approximate arrival date was March 4th, what do I do, wait or order another one?

Hello, did it have been send ? I would try to contact them before to ask them I think.