Renaming payee/contacts

I have saved 2 payees but the accounts are both under my name. I thought they would show what bank they link to. No they just now have my own name and the different account numbers.

I need to label them - Bank A, Bank B for example.

How do I manage this?

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Swipe the respective payee entry to the left and select the edit option.

Sorry but in the payments section the my bank account contacts won’t swipe to the left. Am I in the wrong section?

Hm, this should be the right place to do it.
Can you post a screenshot? But blacken any sensitive information.

How would that do anything?
labelling saved bank contacts has been a request for so long and still is not possible.

Edit: for reference Beneficiary Nickname feature!

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Thanks for the confirmation. I can label them in Monzo but after doing a couple of transfers to myself I was unaware that I couldn’t customize them in Revolut. Now I have only the account number and sort code with my name to recognise them. Not good.

I wonder if it will work if I put the name of the bank instead of the account holder it would work.

Does it just check the account number and sort code and not do a check on the account holder’s name?

There are no automated name checks in most cases, but in case of doubt banks do check the name. I would not advice to use wrong names for transfers.

I was thinking of naming it ‘My Name Monzo’ for example.

This worked from Monzo - ‘My Name - Revolut’. This was saved as a payee. Transferred from Monzo to Revolut no issues.

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This should be the right place, although it looks quite different on my Android, Version 5.52.
If I tap on and hold the little house symbol on the right hand side and slide it to the left, I get the options to edit or delete the respective bank account and in the edit section I can edit the name.

Here it how it looks on my device:

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Android version 9 here. Doesn’t seem to work like yours unfortunately.

5.52 is my Revolut App version.
Android is also on 9 as yours.

5.52 also. Odd.
may try sending them a message

It seems you’re on the wrong screen. On the screen you’ve shown in your screenshot, scroll up until you see the options like “near me”, “bank transfers”, “schedule” … (or similar, I am not using an english localization so I can’t tell the exact button labels).

Tap “bank transfer” there another time.

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Of course! Many thanks to both.

Now the edit appears and I have added a postfix label to the names to identify. Have to test them now.

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Great. Glad we could help.

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Any chance we’re going to see what’s really needed here? That is: a way to add a display name for the account independent of the recipient’s first/last name fields? This is far preferable to a partial solution of appending to the last name field such that in some (perhaps rare but still possible) circumstances payments might be refused due to not matching the name on the recipient’s account.

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I tried to N26. But numbers are not allowed in the name field:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: