Remove pin - fingerprint authentication when opening the app

I feel like I don’t need that extra security when opening the app because I already have a lock screen on my phone. It would be cool if they gave us the ability to remove the authentication.

Maybe it is mandatory? I can’t remember a single banking app that has this option. Would be cool if Revo gave it to us.

On the other hand there are lots of people who don’t have any proper lock mechanism set up so these would all be left without any security

I never said it should be automatically disabled or forced in any way.
Your point is false.

Out of convenience these people would disable the :r: authentication unless it [the option] was disabled.
To add to this, using a lock mechanism on your phone doesn’t guarantee it actually is more secure (pins like 1111, 1233 or patterns that are just a line).

Enforcing their own PIN comes with the benefit that :r: can apply any PIN rule they want

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They could make you accept any security risks involving disabling the authentication verification. This way if anything happens in their account ( customer), they (Revolut) are covered. Other than that, I can’t think of any other reason they force us to use verification every time.

Another genius idea! …NOT

Another good idea would be to not lock the door of your flat if the door of the staircase is locked.

Enforcing a pin/fingerprint policy is a way to protect people against their own stupidity.


Look, I will have to agree in a way unfortunately. They have to consider everything before giving us such an option.
The way I look it is as another option and options are good to have.

I, personally, am super protective for my phone. I always had a secure lockscreen (no face unlock and smart lock enabled) and I am always aware of where is my phone.
For me it would have been a nice option to have. For a lot of people wouldn’t because of what you said.
They could check if there is a screen lock method before letting you disable the app pin - fingerprint though.

Anyway I appreciate your thoughts on that topic.


I see no point in asking for the fingerprint or PIN when I switched away from the app for two seconds.