Remove community account


how to remove my community account ?


Just stop posting and don’t visit again.


what about right to be forgotten ?


Sorry but …

Who are you?




Hey @polopolo :slight_smile:

You can only do so in the first 24 hours and before posting more than one post. So, the chance is gone. Perhaps @AndreasK can do something manually?


Hi there. Users can’t be deleted if they have posts. Posts older than 60 days old can’t be deleted.


what about GDPR ? Shouldn’t we be allowed to remove all information ?


You can delete all you post one by one.


Not in effect until May

This is not how GDPR will or should work. Take it seriously.


ok l will remind you this in May then.

Where is the delete button ? I can’t see how to delete this post.

What about older than 60 days posts ?