Remove app dependency on Google Play Services

Hi Revolut,

I am trying to remove as many dependencies as possible on Google, mainly because of privacy concerns but also battery improvements. Your app is one of the few apps that i have that is still depending on this service.

Is this dependency really required? What does Google need to know from you anyway?

Would it be possible to remove this dependency?

And on the same note: could you make it possible to download the app from your site directly rather than Google?



I assume it’s for security services.

Rooted Android devices reduce the security of the device and increase attack vectors + increases the opportunities for the Revolut app to be compromised (Both in terms of the app itself, and the network traffic.).

Given how Revolut is a banking app (as opposed to a video game or a web browser.), security is more important in that respect.

Having the app on the Google Play Store has 3 major advantages:

-1) Install base.
-2) Updating.
-3) Trust and security.

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Well, I have my phone rooted. It makes it possible to block advertising and stop all sorts of snooping allowed by Google.

I would argue that downloading the app directly from is safer as YOU know it is from Revolut.

But I am not argueing that the Revolut app should be removed from Google Play store, just remove the dependency on the Google Play Service. I think this is possible while still being in the Google app store.


If it opens even a tiny security breach it’s not worth it - at least that is how i hope revolut thinks when it comes to issues like this. We are talking banking, security is the #1 priority at all times.

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I would suspect they probably depend on it for location services. The new location APIs are in Play Services only, and they provide both better functionality and lower CPU/battery impact than the olde ones. I imagine that removing this dependency would either require dropping the location-based security or essentially reimplementing those APIs…

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I am also having the same issue. I am using an Android phone without Google Services and the ability to add funds to Revolut does not seem to be working. The rest of Revolut’s functionality, including making payments and converting currency is working fine.
This is so annoying, especially considering that I am able to fully use other banking apps such as Nationwide and N26 (which is a very similar Digital Banking app).


yes I have the same problem. when I tap the Topup button nothing happens, I used to have a card stored there. I transferred bank to bank but I selected some other bank account from a year ago.
It was the wrong one, I noticed too late and I basically lost 100 euro.

I don’t use Revolut any more since, I am afraid to transfer money and liked they way I could store my normal bankcard.

on a side note, it is extremely difficult to get good help through a phone app. I am not in my teens anymore and find it tough to type a long story on a tiny tiny screen, I wish some more support channels were opened…

install MicroG from F-Droid. Solves the problem. I’m running LineageOS latest nightly build on both my devices with MicroG installed and Revolut works fine. The app is not using SafetyNet or any of the others for what i can tell it’s literally just using GCM for push messaging. For what its worth even supposed “secure messaging” application such as Signal, get their notifications pushs from GCM.

Hi I’m not able to log in with my cellphone. I have rooted my phone and deleted all google applications. Is there a way to change the link to the google email account in this app? Even logging in Gmail from my notebook does not help. It has to be on the mobile phone. I find that scandalous. Thanks in advance for your time =)

It’s a security requirement. You initially verified this mail address, and now this verified mail address can be used as 2FA. The link only works on the phone where the app is installed to make sure the person who has the phone in his hands is also the person knowing the log-in details for this installation of the app. Otherwise, it would be easier for fraudsters to take over your account.

I would contact Revolut on social media. Support agents might be able to change the verified mail address for you or provide you the security code directly.

Edit: it might be worth a try to forward the mail to another mail account that you’re willing to access on your phone. Maybe opening the link that way still works.

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You are the man Frank. Thanks a lot for your advice. It worked. I was able to copy the url and send it to my phone in order to open it via Revolut app lol complicated but it worked!
Have a nice day.

Yes, this would be great.

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