Rejecting a valid postcode


Tried to send some money to a bank account abroad
App rejected the postcode (which I know is correct)
Had to make the payment, so used a different service
Will need to make a payment in a month’s time
Support want a screenshot, but app does not let me keep an incomplete recipient

Would like to sort it out in advance rather than waste my time going through the same failed process in a month

This is not how to convince new customers


Hey @ItsMikeE :slight_smile:

What post code were you sending it to?
Did you make sure, just in case, to erase any kind of foreign characters that don’t exist in English?


It only contains numeric characters, and it is definitely correct
The app does not let me save what I had done so I have to start again from scratch as support will not do anything without a screenshot


Could you please try to confirm the postcode using this link:


I can’t see that postcode on this site
I checked the address of Israel Post Office (, then English, then “contact us”)
This gives their Jerusalem address and postcode, and that postcode (9199907) is not showing up on the mapanet site either


Take off the last two digits in the post code. Israel recently added two more digits to all postcode and guess that app is not yet updated.


I have the old 5 digit postcode, I can try that