Had to reinstall the revolut app and since then it is impossible for me to access the app. It says “This device is alrealdy registered” whenever i try to log in.

Need access as soon as possible.

Please help


any comment?–> @AndreasK


Hello @el123,

Are you using the same phone number as the one you signed up with? What’s your device?


I have the Same issue.I reinstalled the app and finally I got a new account. The same device.on the chat got no reply from one day.I can’t see my account. I feel helpless. I love revolut and I understand there’s a lot of people in the line but this way I can’t use it.and no one seems to solve.or at least tell me to wait 2 days and I wait.but this is not really okay that I don’t know anything.


if you try to link your card to your new account will it work?


Hi Andrea !

Yes I am using the same number that the one I was signing up with ! I am using a Huawei 8.

thanks for your help


My card is working with old account where my money is.


yeah I mean if you link the card will it show up your balance then as you know it?I cannot say for sure if it works somebody should help you out.I do not tag any support agent any more because they said it is inappropriate and those discussions must be made with card holders so who am I to be concerned about flaws around the e-money that I use?


I don’t know how to link but I don’t think I can as I’m not verified on it it’s like a complete new account.and honestly i just don’t want make it worst like loosing the access to my money.


It sounds like you have created second account using a new phone number instead of changing the phone number associated with your account.

Nothing to worry, we can sort it out for you. Just send me a direct message with your phone numbers :slight_smile:


Hey.thanx for reply. It was my fault. The number I created a new account I thought it was the one that I created the old one with.i apologise. Have a lovely day.


I actually don’t really remember if I I installed the app in december 2016 with my Norwegian number or with my French one
But I am pretty sure it was my French one and now whenever I try to register with the French one it tells me “device already registered”

but I guess my revolut account is link to my email since I still receive newsletter from you and to my revolut bank card that I ordered in december
If you need any further details tell me.

Thanks in advance !


I factory reset my phone and when I install the app again and try to register, I get the same error. Can you help @AndreasK?