Reimburse for ANY ATM fees worldwide


I am currently in Argentina where the banks are charging me about 10USD for each withdrawals (and limits are approx 200usd on each withdrawal). It would be nice, as some banks do, to reimburse this fees, maybe could be for Premium users.


Hey @fedealconada :slight_smile:

That might be done by local banks which can have arrangements, but here in Spain the fees might go as high as a minimum of €5 per withdrawal. I doubt this is sustainable even for premium users :frowning:


Yes, I agree… but maybe they can have like 2-4 transactions with reimbursement per month… don’t know.


5$ in Philippines for any withdrawal. And max 400$ able to get at once.

HSBC is the only bank which doesn’t charge any fee.

Is very annoying but I doubt Revolut can give them back… it’s quite a lot. All S Eastern Asia and South America has incredibly high fees for foreign cards.


This is not true for all South East Asian countries. Eg no issue in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.
But the Phillipines, Vietnam and others have high fees.


What would be nice, and this idea was raised before, is for Revolut to have in-app functionality to show you the nearest ATMs and the fees they charge.
When this was brought up last time, Revolut sent a link that referred to some functionality on the mastercard site, but this link no longer works and the functionality seems to have dissappeared.
I’m not suggesting Revolut keep tabs on the fee schedules of each and every bank in the world, but would it not be possible to automatically leverage the ATM usage of other Revolut users to build a small database and make this information available? Eg it could just show the ATMs that have been used by Revolut users, and then info such as ‘PHP 5000 withdrawal incurred PHP 90 fee in August 2017’, etc. Perhaps with some functionality to aggregate the fee info for ATMs belonging to the same bank.
It would be nice and shouldn’t be exceptionally hard for a keen programmer.


No fees at Saudi Arabia!


thus us an excellent point :grinning:


Did anything ever come of this?

I am currently travelling across SEA and heard that Revolut was free to make withdrawals. I took the advice but did jot do my own research. I have been here 3 weeks and the charges are building up.

I am beginning to wonder why I pay my Revolut fee of £6.99 per month and what advantages that I am currently receiving?

I could have come here to Thailand and just pay the ATM fees and save £6.99 per month. :tired_face:


Hey @Aled :slight_smile:

It would not be sustainable to reimburse customers the fees I guess. If you’re unsatisfied with your Premium subscription, you can cancel it anytime paying a £14 penalty :confused:

Keep in mind Thailand is one of the minority of the countries which seem to charge for every ATM, but that’s not :r:'s fault :frowning:


Thanks for reply

I’ll see how the next couple of months go to try and find the benefits.

I should have read more on it rather than someone’s advice that everything was ‘no charge’ everywhere, then I would have started my subscription after Thailand. Arghhhh…life is a learning curve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I very much like that idea, especially since it so much sounds like making great use of technology :slight_smile: