Regular Bank Transfer to Revolut

Hi I am new to Revolut and want to know how to make a regular standing order from my UK bank account to my Revolut account In Euros. I have received a Mastercard and have transferred some funds already manually but I want to do a regular monthly transfer.

If you want to send EUR it’s a SEPA Transfer to the IBAN on the “International” tab of the account including the magic reference number. It will take a day and your bank in the UK will be doing the exchange.
If you want to send GBP you use the “local” sort-code/account number pair, revolut receives the pounds and then you convert them to EUR at 0% markup and it takes a couple of hours.

Thank you but how do I find the IBAN number on the App?

Tap on the balance of the currency you want. In the csee of EUR “Local” means SEPA.

You should use :r: local account in GBP for standing order . Just sort code and account number.
You will loose money if you gonna send to EUR IBAN-just like @alejandro.mery said.

I got the impression he has a EUR account in the UK