Y am 63 years old. My registration is impossible on Revolute because the oldiest year of birth proposed is 1972.
What kind off solution is offert?

I tried again today 13/01/2018, still the same problem, the list deroulante years of birth hangs in 1970


Hey @phiphi42 :slight_smile:

I’m posting because I’m very interested in knowing the answer :smile:
@jessicaszabla or @AndreasK, what’s the answer?


This must be a recent change as I am 64 and had no problems albeit was a while ago. Unacceptable ageism!


For the moment I have none :cry::cry::cry:


Of course nothing has changed!


All you need to do is to scroll down, or simply click on the year.


Y am now registred, see my late answers
The scroll was blocked in the year 1970, and I was able to work around the problem by entering my date of birth to 01/07/1970, then changing it to 01/07/1955 in my profile once my registration completed.
In edit mode the scroll was no longer blocked at 1/1/1970 !!!

Can you unlock my account in the community because it has been stuck for 2 days with the message :
This is an automated message from Revolut Community to let you know that your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure.
Please do continue to browse, but you won’t be able to reply or create topics until a staff member reviews your most recent posts. We apologize for the inconvenience.
For additional guidance, refer to our community guidelines. »
My acount username is phiphi42


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Hi again. Thank you for clarifying this. I can confirm that your account here is not blocked.


thanks for the reactivation